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Districts Still Unsettled As New York Primary Nears

New York is one of the last remaining states in the country that has yet to redraw its congressional boundaries based on the 2010 census. Lawmakers have tried, and failed, to agree on two seats to eliminate. Meanwhile, a federal judge prepares to release her own political map later this month.

Ohio Is Key Test For GOP Hopefuls

Ohio is one of 10 states holding contests to pick their party's presidential nominee on Super Tuesday. The conventional wisdom has been that whoever takes Ohio in the general election goes on to win the White House, which makes the state the main focus of attention for GOP candidates.

(Sock) Monkey Business: A Festival For Iconic Toy

Sock monkeys, the red-mouthed, yarn-topped toys with a wide smile, were born during the Great Depression and handcrafted for the working class. Devotees of the little critters are still cherishing them at the annual festival dedicated to the Sock Monkey in Rockford, Ill.

Meteorite Hunter Scours The Ground For Bits Of Sky

Every so often, pieces of heaven crash into Earth, and Ruben Garcia is looking for them. Aboard his trusty Jeep, the meteorite hunter rides the Arizona landscape, searching for space rocks with a magnetic golf club.

A Hollywood Writer's Second Act: Gongs

When the funny business stopped paying, comedy writer Andrew Borakove needed to find a better future. Broke with another kid on the way, he was desperate to reinvent himself. That's when the gong appeared.

Eric Cantor Endorses Mitt Romney

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney received a key endorsement Sunday morning when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia endorsed him on NBC's Meet the Press.

Mitt Romney Tops Washington Caucuses

The former Massachusetts governor pulled ahead of his rivals in Saturday's presidential straw poll, gaining more momentum just before Super Tuesday. Ron Paul, who edged Rick Santorum for second place, insisted he, too, had reason to celebrate.