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DNI Calls Reporting On Government Surveillance 'Reckless'

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says recent reporting by The Guardian and The Washington Post, among others, threatens to give terrorists a 'playbook' for thwarting detection.

Our Surveillance Society: What Orwell And Kafka Might Say

Revelations that the federal government is collecting massive amounts of data about telephone calls and Internet traffic has some people nervous that George Orwell's vision of Big Brother constantly watching them has come true.

Pakistan's New Government Protests U.S. Drone Strike

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who has promised to push back on the strikes, lodges a formal protest with a top U.S. envoy in Islamabad.

Newark Mayor To Run For New Jersey's Open U.S. Senate Seat

Cory Booker announces his candidacy to fill the seat vacated by the death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg and is likely to face two other Democrats in an August primary.

Three Americans Killed In Latest Afghanistan 'Insider Attack'

The gunman was wearing an Afghan military uniform and reportedly killed two U.S. soldiers and a civilian following an argument.

Tech Giants Deny Granting NSA 'Direct Access' To Servers

Google, Facebook and others say they only allowed the government access to user data after reviewing legal requests for information under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

An Abandoned Racehorse Finds Love On The Home Stretch

America loves racehorses in movies and books, and we love to watch them in races like Saturday's Belmont Stakes. Yet we also slaughter them by the thousands, for their meat. It's a business, not a love story. But on a small farm in Maryland, a love story happens anyway.

The Best Way To Scare A Politician

Once rare, recall elections are becoming increasingly common. It's not that politicians are markedly more crooked than in the past. Rather, foes view recalls as a way to fight back against policies they don't like.