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Exoneration List Shows Patterns In False Convictions

While we assume our judicial system occasionally makes mistakes, until recently no one had been tracking the number people in this country who are convicted and later exonerated. Now the National Registry of Exonerations has begun compiling these cases. Audie Cornish talks with the registry's editor, Samuel Gross, about some of the group's findings from the over 2,000 exonerations they've compiled.

R.I. Strikes Out On Ex-Pitcher's Video Game Venture

After helping the Boston Red Sox win the World Series, pitcher Curt Schilling could do no wrong. Then news broke that his video game company had chewed through a $75 million state loan that it's struggling to pay off. Now, Rhode Island officials are moving to protect taxpayers from what appears to have been a very bad investment.

Under Obama, U.S. Govt. Spends At Lowest Rate In Decades, Says Journalist

Max Nutting, a journalist who writes for the MarketWatch website affiliated with The Wall Street Journal looked at the data and found that rhetoric and reality don't quite match up. Nutting found that, contrary to repeated allegations from the president's political foes, including Mitt Romney that Obama has been on a federal spending tear, he actually hasn't.

Rebuilding Joplin, One Year After Tornadoes

At a day of remembrance, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon honored emergency workers, victims and survivors of tornadoes that killed 161 people, and praised the ongoing efforts to rebuild Joplin. Reporter Matt Pearce, who was in Joplin the morning after the tornado, talks about the aftermath of the disaster.

U.S.-Bound Passenger Jet Diverted Due To 'Security Issue' On Board

US Airways Flight 787 was headed to Charlotte, N.C., from Paris when it landed in Bangor, Maine, instead. The Transportation Security Administration says there was a report of "suspicious behavior" by a passenger.