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Paterno's Stature Comes Down

Penn State took down Sunday the iconic statue of Joe Paterno, the school's head football coach for 45 years. His legacy was tarnished by the way he handled information about the child abuse committed by his fellow coach Jerry Sandusky. ESPN's John Barr offers his insight.

Invasive Pests, Or Tiny Biological Terrorists?

There are millions of killers loose in California, and eucalyptus trees are their victims. Entomologist Timothy Paine has been studying the insects killing California's menthol-scented trees for two decades — and he's noticed a suspicious pattern.

Obama's Judicial Nominees Face Slowed Confirmation Process

District court nominees, though largely uncontroversial, have been drawn into the web of partisan stalling. There are currently 21 federal judicial nominees pending before the Senate. Four are uncontroversial appeals court nominees reported out of committee months ago. Seventeen are district court nominees.

NCAA To Issue Sanctions Against Penn State

The NCAA says it will levy "corrective and punitive measures" against the school over the child sex abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky. The move comes the same day Penn State removed the statue of legendary football coach Joe Paterno from outside the football stadium.

A 'Recurring Wound': Penn State Removes Joe Paterno Statue

The famous statue of beloved coach Joe Paterno will stand outside Penn State University's football stadium no more.

He's A Long Shot, But Don't Count Huckabee Out

Putting Mike Huckabee on the GOP ticket this year as Mitt Romney's running mate could certainly liven up the presidential race. The former Arkansas governor is likable, experienced and even plays bass. But as someone who claims to focus on conversation, not confrontation, would he go on the attack for Romney?

Suspect's Web Of Traps Part Of Calculated Plan

Colorado authorities cleared scores of explosive devices from the apartment of the man suspected of killing 12 people and injuring more than 50 at a local movie theater. The police chief said the apartment was set up to kill whoever entered. "We sure as hell are angry," he said.