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Jury Deliberates For Eighth Day In Edwards Trial

The jury in the John Edwards trial deliberated for an eighth day on Wednesday. The panel has asked for little guidance as it debates the fate of the two-time former presidential candidate. Edwards is accused of soliciting almost a million dollars from a pair of wealthy donors to cover up his pregnant mistress. Jeff Tiberii of North Carolina Public Radio talks to host Melissa Block from the Federal Courthouse in Greensboro.

New Wisconsin Poll: Walker Maintains Lead; Obama Gains Strength

Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker holds his lead over his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in a new statewide poll of registered voters.

McCotter Joins Sorry, Brief List Of Incumbents Who Fell Short Of Ballot

It's rare for incumbents like Rep. Thad McCotter, the Michigan Republican, to fail to collect enough valid signatures and get on a ballot. But this kind of embarrassment has occasionally happened to others. Fortunately for many politicians, most states don't have such ballot-access requirements or ask for a minimal number of signatures.

Banned In Idaho, 'Five Wives' Vodka Says It Meant No Offense

While the vodka is made and sold in Utah, officials in Idaho have decided its name and label might offend both Mormons and women.

With The American Dream Comes The Nightmare

We celebrate the deeply embedded ideal of the American dream every day, and yet the phrase has always been fraught. For many, there is no dream, so here, we give you "A Brief Diary of the American Nightmare."

Food Trucks Draw Hungry Kids For Free Summer Meals

Families that qualify for free and reduced school lunches can struggle to feed kids out of their own pockets all summer. But many kids can't - or won't - come to school for free summer meals. So some administrators are loading lunches on colorful, hip food trucks and bringing the meals to the kids.

'My RV': On The Road In A Rolling Home

Andy Isaacson rented a 19-foot motor home, enlisted two friends, and spent eight days traveling from California to Oregon and back. With a bathroom, kitchen and beds on board, he found the freedom to roam without reservations. Isaacson wrote about his trip in "Me and My RV" for the New York Times.