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Protests Surge As 'Right To Work' Bill Passes In Mich.

Michigan's House approved legislation on Tuesday that would significantly weaken union powers, as protestors gathered outside. Opponents claim it is politically motivated and hurts the average worker. Supporters say it will help attract new businesses to the state. Thousands of protestors descended on the capitol building as the vote took place.

Small Businesses Might Still Hire If Taxes Are Raised

President Obama has said it over and over — to help balance the federal budget, the wealthiest Americans should pay more in taxes. Republicans frame it a different way and say raising those taxes would hit small businesses, making them less likely to hire new workers.

Some Democrats Uncomfortable With Fiscal Cliff Cuts

House Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday that he's waiting for President Obama to provide specific spending cuts as part of a deficit-reduction package. Robert Siegel talks to Tamara Keith.

Judge: Zimmerman Must Keep Wearing GPS Tracker

George Zimmerman appeared in court in the Trayvon Martin case on Tuesday. The judge denied Zimmerman's attorney's request to loosen the terms of his release on bail.

Berkeley Receives $1M For Undocumented Students

The $1 million gift will help 200 students pay tuition and living expenses to stay enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley. While some undocumented students call the scholarship fund a game changer, not everyone is applauding.

Sudanese Teens Fight To Play Basketball In Illinois

A tiny residential school in Illinois has successfully fought to keep three Sudanese basketball players on its team. The head of the Illinois High School Association initially ruled that Mooseheart High school illegally recruited the teenagers, who are all 6 feet 7 inches and taller.

Police Criticized For Firing 137 Shots In Car Chase

Some Cleveland residents are calling for a federal investigation following a lengthy car chase that ended badly. Police fired more than 100 rounds at a stopped car, killing the driver and passenger. Some in the community are troubled by what they say are racial overtones in the case.