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Scott McKenzie, Who Sang 'San Francisco' In The Summer Of Love, Dies

The gentle song became a hit and captured the spirit of what was happening in San Francisco that year. McKenzie was 73.

Dames Gone Wild In Burlington, Vt.

A group of women in their 50s and 60s left the jobs they say no longer fulfilled them. Now they're traveling the U.S. doing volunteer work.

'I Function Off Fear,' Said Director Tony Scott, Who Died Sunday

Best known for Top Gun and other action movies, Scott was 68. Witnesses say he jumped from a bridge in Los Angeles County. Law enforcement sources tell news outlets that a suicide note has been found.

How Much Does A Hamburger Cost? That Depends

There are many informational graphics demonstrating the environmental impact of beef consumption. But a lot of the numbers just don't match up. As it turns out, calculating what goes into (and comes out of) a cow is not an exact science.

Congressman Who Took Nude Dip In Sea Of Galilee Apologizes

Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder was among a group of lawmakers who got in the water during a late-night escapade last summer. He was reportedly the only one to fully disrobe. Yoder says he was in the water only briefly.


N.Y. Library's Toilet Paper To Feature Ads

Patrons of a public library in Port Chester, New York, can continue reading in the bathroom. The Journal-News says the library will soon use toilet paper that features advertisements.

Kids Garden In Wallingford, Conn.

Food service director Sharlene Wong had a dream: Start a community garden in the Wallingford school district.