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Oil Drilling Rig Runs Aground In Alaska

An oil drilling rig holding more than 150,000 gallons of diesel, lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid has run aground near Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska, after it was being towed during a storm. The crew was evacuated before the rig was incapacitated.

Brian Dixon, Tom Hall Want To Attend Every Bowl Game

Since 1984, Brian Dixon and Tom Hall have been on a mission to attend every college bowl game in the country. But their quest has been extended as more bowl games have been added through the years. Every year they go to one or two bowl games.

Staten Island To Get Largest Ferris Wheel

It's part of a larger development, which is going ahead even though critics note it's partly in a flood zone. Flooding from Hurricane Sandy prompted the developer to make only minor adjustments.

Financial Markets Cheer 'Fiscal Cliff' News

Wall Street is joining a global rally. Though lawmakers didn't address all the issues, they did head off scheduled tax hikes and spending cuts.

Well, It Is In The Dictionary: Boehner Reportedly Aimed 'F-Bomb' At Reid

As "fiscal cliff" talks grew tense, a certain word was heard at the White House. Of course, it's been said before in Washington.

N.Y. News Outlet That Posted Names Of Gun Owners Hires Armed Guards

After The Journal News posted a database showing the names and addresses of individuals with gun permits in three suburban New York counties, it came under intense criticism.

Bipartisan Outrage As Vote On Superstorm Sandy Aid Is Postponed

Lawmakers from states hit hard by the October storm thought the House would vote on an aid package before adjourning on Thursday. They found out late Tuesday that a vote has been put off. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., says no one from New York or New Jersey should give his party money now.

It's Not Over: Big Battles Ahead Even After 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal

First there will be a fight over raising the debt ceiling. Then there's another deadline for deep spending cuts. It's like another Lord of the Rings trilogy — we know at least two more stories are coming and it's clear there's going to be a lot of nastiness before the day is (we hope) saved.