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Romney Pitches 'Big Change' In Swing State Ohio

Mitt Romney continued his post-debate campaign swing in Ohio on Thursday.

Niagara Falls In Danger Of Losing City Status, Aid

Niagara Falls used to be one of the biggest cities in New York. But since the 1960s, its population has fallen by more than half. Now, Niagara Falls must stay above 50,000 residents or lose its status as a city — and millions in state and federal funds that act as life support. As the 2020 census looms, city leaders are bracing for the worst, while experimenting with new ways to attract residents.

Rape Comments Complicate But Don't End GOP Senate Takeover Chances

Republicans retain hopes for a Senate takeover, but comments about rape and abortion by candidates in Missouri and Indiana aren't helping. The GOP needs to gain four seats to control the Senate if President Obama wins; three seats if Republican Mitt Romney emerges the presidential victor on Nov. 6.

Can A President Control Prices At The Pump?

Both candidates have been on their talking points about high gas prices. But Bloomberg Businessweek contributor Roben Farzad says there's only so much elected officials can do to control prices at the pump. He speaks with host Michel Martin as a part of NPR's "Solve This" series, looking at issues driving the election.

Down-Ballot Races Feel The Draft And Drag Of The Presidential Race

In races from U.S. Senate to state attorney general, candidates know their fortunes are largely tied to the respective fates of Mitt Romney and President Obama. Many acknowledge that a strong partisan wave threatens to wipe them away, so they're pushing to run ahead of their ticket.

Florida's 'Mystery Monkey' Captured After Three Years On The Lam

The rhesus macaque monkey had been on the loose in the Tampa-St. Pete area. He'd become a local legend. But recently, "Cornelius" bit a woman. Wildlife officials staked out a neighborhood Wednesday, and managers to tranquilize him. They play to send him to a sanctuary.

Championing Life And Liberty For Animals

If attorney Steven Wise gets his way, next year could be a game changer for animal rights in America. The director of the Nonhuman Rights Project plans to file a series of lawsuits in hopes that a court will finally recognize that a nonhuman plaintiff can be a legal "person" in the eyes of the law.

WWII Veteran Who Inspired Thousands With Deathbed Vote Has Died

Frank Tanabe, who was in a California internment camp when he volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army, was 93. A photo of him voting from his deathbed went viral this month.