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Senate Plans Two Symbolic Votes On Taxes That Won't Change Anything

There will be votes today on Democratic and Republican plans regarding the Bush tax cuts. But neither will mean much since the House isn't likely to agree to anything the Democratic-controlled Senate does.

Hearing On N.Y.'s Soda Ban Brimming With Opinions

New York City held its first and only public hearing on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on super-sized sodas Tuesday. One critic of the ban said a lazy lifestyle contributes to obesity just as much as soda; a supporter said he lost 50 pounds by cutting out sugary drinks. The health board will vote on the ban in September.

Utilities, Customers At Odds Over Downed Trees

After years of being criticized for power outages caused by falling trees, utility companies are aggressively cutting down trees near electrical lines. Sounds sensible, but homeowners complain that the cutting often happens on private property, and even healthy trees are fair game.

Ariz. Sheriff Arpaio Grilled On Racial Profiling

Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a court appearance Tuesday and faced questioning. Arpaio is accused of racial profiling in a civil class-action lawsuit.

When The Ship Comes In To Brownsville, Rip It Up

Over the past two decades, the landlocked city of Brownsville, Texas, has become the hub of the U.S. ship recycling industry. Ships from tankers to aircraft carriers are dismantled and stripped of reusable metals. And despite the world economic slowdown, it's still a highly lucrative business.

Justice Scalia Disputes Accuracy Of 'Leak'

In an NPR interview, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia talked about his new book, his relationships on the court and a recent leak to CBS alleging anger among the justices over the health care ruling. He denied that the decision sparked acrimony: "You shouldn't believe this stuff you read in the press."

Summer Science: Clothes Keep You Cool, More Or Less

Stripping naked is a good way to cool off on a steamy day. But that won't pass muster on the street. Scientists say light-colored, lightweight clothing is the next best thing.