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Jury To Decide Apple's Patent Case Against Samsung

In one of the biggest patent infringement cases ever, Apple is suing Samsung for as much as $2.75 billion — charging that in creating its products, Samsung ripped off iPhone and iPad technology. Samsung countered with its own allegations.

Trying To Tame The (Real) Deadliest Fishing Jobs

In the years from 2000 to 2009, Northeast fishermen whose catch includes cod, haddock and other fish were 37 times as likely to die on the job as a police officer. Despite what you may have seen on TV, it's the most dangerous American fishery.

Are Independents Just Partisans In Disguise?

Psychology explains why people don't always do what they intend to do. Can it explain why many independents vote along partisan lines?

Wis. State Senator Connects Her Politics To Her Past

Jessica King's political views are rooted in her first-hand experience with social services, having grown up as a ward of the state. She was swept into office during the wave of special recall votes in Wisconsin, and says her constituents are fed up with obstructionism in Washington.

Where Cyclists Once Rode, Ghost Bikes Stand Vigil

When a bicyclist is killed by a car, the tragedy is sometimes marked by fellow cyclists with memorials known as "ghost bikes." Cyclists sand, repaint and decorate the bikes before installing them at crash sites as a sort of roadside shrine.


Study To Test 'Talking' Cars That Would Warn Drivers Of Unseen Dangers

Some day, your car might be able to "talk" to other cars and traffic signals. In this brave new world, wireless devices will alert drivers to traffic jams, dangers ahead and even take control of the vehicle from the driver to avert a collision. In Ann Arbor today, the largest real-world test of connected vehicles was launched.