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Buford, Wyo., Goes On Sale Next Month

Buford is an old railroad town which was once home to thousands, but now has a population of one. Don Sammons plans to retire from managing his businesses and move. Up for auction next month:a gas station, convenience store, garage and a home.

World Pizza Games Begin In Las Vegas

Pizza chefs from around the world are gathered to compete in events like: largest dough stretch, fastest pizza-box folding and freestyle acrobatic dough-tossing.

Five Things To Watch For In Tuesday's Alabama, Mississippi GOP Primaries

Voters and analysts alike will be watching the two states closely Tuesday to learn whether voters in the Deep South choose to go with the most electable candidate, which many say is Romney, or the most conservative, a label Santorum and Gingrich say properly fits them.

In South, GOP Voters Balance Faith, Defeating Obama

At a forum Monday night in Birmingham, Ala., Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich vied for last-minute support ahead of Tuesday's primaries in Alabama and Mississippi. Values, religion and the legitimacy of President Obama were on voters' minds.

Record-High Food Prices Boost Farmers' Bottom Lines

Thanks to high commodity prices and surging productivity, U.S. farmers earned a net income of nearly $98 billion last year — a record, according to analysts. Economists say two major factors have been driving up demand: exports and ethanol.

Lewis-McChord Soldiers Generate Alarming Headlines

The American soldier who allegedly shot and killed 16 Afghan civilians on Sunday was from Joint Base Lewis-McChord — an Army-Air Force installation just south of Tacoma, Wash. It's one of the biggest bases in the military, and some say it's also one of the most troubled.

Even For Romney, Delegate Math Still A Problem

While Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney argues that his opponents have no realistic shot at winning enough delegates to secure the nomination, the same could eventually be true for Romney if a four-way race continues. NPR takes a look at the latest delegate numbers.