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Syria, Economy Top The G8 Agenda

Weekend Edition Sunday Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Scott Horsley as President Obama departs for the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland.

Colorado Springs Learns To Live With Fire

For the second year in a row, Colorado Springs has been beset by wildfire. As NPR's Kirk Siegler reports, the city and its emergency response crews are doing their best to take the threat in stride.

Why Both Sides Want Gay Marriage Settled By The States

The Supreme Court may rule on same-sex marriage this week, but up until now, the battle has largely played out at the state level. Advocates both for and against say they're glad the issue didn't reach the court any sooner.

New Ads Still Warn A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

The United Negro College Fund's new campaign shows just how much the way we talk about and around race has changed.

Water Wars: Who Controls The Flow?

So often, we take water for granted. But it's not always where we need it, or there when we need it. Two rivers on opposite sides of the country — the Chattahoochee in the South and the Klamath in the far West — may provide lessons for the inevitable and growing dispute over how we manage our most precious resource.

Fighting Unwanted Cat Calls, One Poster At A Time

For women on city streets, unwanted attention from men often comes in the form of cat calls, whistles and roving eyes. New York artist Tatayana Fazlalizadeh says she's had enough and is taking her art to the streets.