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Dock Collapses Under Michigan Wedding Party

A Michigan couple wed at a lakeside resort, and what better place for a photo than on the dock? When the wedding party lined up, the dock collapsed. So along with the bride and groom, everyone "took the plunge," as The Grand Rapids Press put it.

Debby Is Really Dumping On Florida

The tropical storm, which has been lashing the Gulf Coast since the weekend, could drop another 2 feet of rain by the end of the week, forecasters warn. That means watch out for flash floods, tornadoes and sinkholes.

Dozens Protest Mass. Town's Cursing Ban

Dozens of protesters gathered at the Town Hall in Middleborough, Mass. The town approved a $20 ticket for public cursing. But police have refrained from ticketing until the state says the law is constitutional. That's left protesters free to voice their opposition.

What's A Taxi Ride Worth? You Set The Price

Eric Hagen has gone from Wall Street to the streets of Burlington, Vt., and his one-man taxi service is accruing a flock of faithful customers. His Recession Ride Taxi puts riders in charge of deciding a fair fare.

How Will The Immigration Case Affect Other States?

Now that the Supreme Court has struck down most of Arizona's immigration law, lawmakers in Alabama are trying to determine what the ruling means for people there. Alabama's immigration law is seen to be even stricter than Arizona's law.

100 Suspected Radicals May Be Part Of U.S. Military

The FBI and military officials are conducting investigations into possible insider terror threats from Islamic extremists within the U.S. military. NPR has learned that about a dozen serious investigations are underway. The real challenge may be finding ways to prevent radicalization within the military in the first place.

The Making Of Meat-Eating America

Thanks to American wealth and ingenuity, we're a nation of meat eaters. But that's not the whole story. Over the years, we've made access to land near cities affordable to farmers, and created a cheap market for beef and chicken.

Obama Tells N.H. Voters GOP Philosophy Is Wrong

President Obama attacked Republican rival Mitt Romney's budget math during a campaign rally in New Hampshire Monday. The Granite State has just four electoral votes, but it's expected to be hotly contested in November. The two presidential candidates also tangled over immigration policy on the same day the Supreme Court struck down portions of Arizona's immigration law.

Ariz. Gov. Brewer Calls Supreme Court Ruling A Win

Despite having three of four sections of the state's immigration law struck down, Republican Gov. Jan Brewer says the ruling is a win. That's because what she calls the heart of the law — the so-called "show-me- your-papers" provision — will still take effect.