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Wanna Make A Bet On Horse Racing?

Host Rachel Martin talks to NPR's Mike Pesca about betting on the Belmont Stakes and boxing.

How Homes Structure The American Dream

Home ownership has long been considered a key part of the American Dream. The dream has taken a beating in recent years, but polls show the desire to own remains extremely high. NPR's Chris Arnold discusses the state of home ownership and reviews the latest housing news with host Rachel Martin.

Sports Reporter Stands Out From The Sidelines

A player once told Craig Sager to burn his suit, and another outfit had to go when it was too flashy — literally — for the TV cameras. Taste aside, TNT's go-to sideline reporter is hard to miss.

Blacksmiths Forge A New, Artisanal Future

Blacksmithing is an ancient trade that, like other crafts, saw a downturn during the Industrial Revolution, when machines took over jobs that humans once did. Now, blacksmithing is having a small revival — and this time it's not just about banging on an anvil.

Congress May Not Be As Bad As All That

A government scholar says Washington has responded better to the economic downturn — certainly better than its European counterparts — than its reputation might lead people to believe. But not everyone is convinced.

Elizabeth Warren Leaps Over Primary Challenge In Massachusetts

Warren secured more than 95 percent of the delegate vote at the state's Democratic Convention, clearing the way for her to focus solely on incumbent Sen. Scott Brown.

New Jobs Can't Keep Up With Population Growth

Among the more than 12 million Americans out of work, almost half have been out of work for more than six months. In its latest issue, Bloomberg Businessweek magazine profiles 12 people among these long-term unemployed who have managed to get back into the workforce. Host Guy Raz talks with Josh Green, senior national correspondent with Bloomberg Businessweek.

Week In News: Jobs And The Campaign Trail

With the unemployment rate climbing to 8.2 percent, the Mitt Romney presidential campaign can focus on the economy as issue No. 1 this November. Host Guy Raz speaks with news analyst James Fallows of The Atlantic about the economic malaise and how it may affect the election.

Battles Over Voter ID Laws Intensify

Since 2008, controversial changes to state election laws have spread across the nation to restrict voter registration drives, scale back early voting periods or stop people from registering to vote on Election Day. Opponents say the new laws discriminate against minority voters.