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Conn. Commuters Find Creative Ways To Make Do

In Stamford, Conn., many people who usually work in the city are trying to make a go of it from where they are. That means going to a synagogue to charge your cellphone and get work done, or having breakfast at a diner to warm up.

Braving The Commute In New York

Bit by bit, New York is starting to move again. On Wednesday, bridges opened, buses returned, and so did gridlock. The city is trying to get people back on subways Thursday. Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep speak with NPR's Greg Allen, Mike Pesca and Margot Adler, who join in the commute.

In Queens, Hard-Hit Residents Assess The Damage

In the hardest-hit areas of New York City, people are getting back to their homes to inspect the damage and to figure out who's going to pay for this mess. In the Rockaways in Queens, after a devastating fire and flooding, residents are starting to take stock.

Protecting New York From Future Flooding

Steve Inskeep speaks with Malcolm Bowman, head of the Storm Surge Research Group at Stony Brook University on Long Island, about flooding from Sandy, and the possibility of creating storm barriers around New York.

Coal Mine Inspection Sweep Targets Cause Of Black Lung

One of the 13 coal mines singled out by inspectors was once owned by Massey Energy, the company that owned the Upper Big Branch mine, the scene of a deadly 2010 explosion. Two others are owned by Murray Energy, whose Crandall Canyon coal mine experienced two collapses in 2007, killing nine miners and rescuers.

The Destructive Storm That Built An Unlikely Political Bridge

President Obama and Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continued their display of post-hurricane bipartisanship. It was striking considering Christie's pointed criticisms of Obama before the disaster.