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Wildfire In Southern Idaho Is Growing Quickly

Firefighters have been able to make progress against blazes in other Western states. But the Kinyon Road Fire in Idaho has doubled in size since Sunday.

Elaborate Deer Stands Draw Complaints In Minnesota

Deer stands are those small platforms hunters set up in trees to get a better view. In some deer hunting areas in Minnesota, they've grown into veritable tree houses with stairs, shingled roofs, windows, heaters and lounge chairs.

NAACP Issues HIV-Aids Manual For Black Churches

African-Americans suffer some of the highest rates of HIV and Aids in the country. The NAACP says it's time for one of the most important institutions in the African-American community, the black church, to help combat those numbers. The NAACP has released a manual especially designed for clergy to assist in discussions about HIV-AIDS as a social justice issue with their parishioners.

Patriot Coal Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Demand for coal is at its lowest point in more than two decades. That's in part because of milder winters and a shift to cheaper natural gas. Coal companies are also facing tough new rule proposals from the Environmental Protection Agency for building new coal-fired power plants. Shares for most coal producers have taken a big hit because of these factors and the slow global economy.

Black-Lung Rule Loopholes Leave Miners Vulnerable

An investigation by NPR and the Center for Public Integrity has revealed widespread and persistent gaming of the system that's designed to measure and control the coal mine dust that causes the deadly disease.

Bush Tax Cuts: The New Middle-Class Norm

Much of the political focus when discussing the Bush-era tax cuts is on the wealthy, but they're not the only ones who would be affected if the tax cuts are allowed to expire at the end of this year.

'Globals' Generation Focuses On Experience

For a growing number of U.S. college students and young adults, the idea of building an American dream is to think internationally. They are a group that pollster John Zogby is now calling "the first globals."