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California Primary Sets Up Same-Party U.S. House Contests In November

California's new truly open primary has set up several single-party matchups in November for U.S. House seats. The state changed its primary system with an eye toward limiting partisan battles, which backers hope will give moderates a better chance of being elected.

Wisdom From One Of World's Most Influential People

Freeman Hrabowski was named one of TIME magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World," earlier this year. He heads the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and helped transform the school into one of the country's top institutions in graduating students of color in science, math and engineering. He talks with host Michel Martin.

Can Extending Retirement Age Help Social Security?

A recent report warned Social Security could run out of money by 2033, and some policy makers have suggested raising the retirement age. But Steve Cunningham of the American Institute for Economic Research says that strategy would fail to reduce costs, and would disproportionately hurt blue collar workers. He speaks with host Michel Martin.

What Do Tuesday's Results Mean For November?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived a recall election. Also, voters went to polls in five primaries, including California and New Mexico where Latinos make up more than a third of the populations. Host Michel Martin takes a look at what the results mean with Wisconsin Public Radio's Shawn Johnson and Gabriel Sanchez of Latino Decisions.

Ho-Hum: Dull And Boring Are Now A Pair

Dull, a tiny village in Scotland, and the Oregon community of Boring have agreed to be "unofficially official" partners. It's a "Pair for the Ages," T-shirts say.

Seven Ways Wisconsin's Recall Vote May Matter To You

Gov. Scott Walker's recall election victory might not seem like it would have much relevance outside the Badger State. But the outcome may embolden other governors to follow Walker's lead and move against public employee unions. It also could boost conservatives and disrupt President Obama's re-election strategy.

Clouds Block Florida Crowd's View Of Venus

A lot of people were excited to watch Venus cross the sun Tuesday. In Naples, Fla., a crowd gathered on the beach for the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. But since it was cloudy, everyone trained their eyes on a laptop to watch the sky show streamed live.