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South Carolina Gov. Haley's Husband Deploying To Afghanistan

Michael Haley is a first lieutenant in the South Carolina National Guard. He's the first gubernatorial spouse to be heading into the combat zones of either Iraq or Afghanistan, officials say.

One Job Seeker's Ruse To Check Out His Competition

Eric Auld wants a full-time job. He barely earns enough, part-time, to cover the bills. After a fruitless job search, he grew more curious about his competitors. So he created a fake Craigslist ad and, in one day, received 653 responses from applicants with a wide range of education and experience.

Homeless Kids At Play In Washington, D.C.

The Homeless Children's Playtime Project lets children ages 1 to 11 from the nearby D.C. General homeless shelter just be kids for a little while.

Mayor: 'We'll Listen' To Anaheim Residents

Two recent police-involved shootings in Anaheim, California have led to demonstrations against the city's police. Anaheim has a large minority population, and some people are raising questions about how the police deal with residents. Host Michel Martin talks with Anaheim's Mayor Tom Tait, who is calling for a federal investigation into the shootings.

Cool! Tickets For The Who's Canceled '79 Show Good For 2013 Concert

After a stampede at a 1979 show in Ohio, the mayor of Providence said the band couldn't play in his city. But The Who will be there next February, and 10 fans who still had their old tickets won't be disappointed again.

'Pepper Spray Cop' Is No Longer On UC Davis Police Force

Last November, the officer's use of pepper spray on Occupy protesters became a national story after video of the incident went viral. An investigation concluded there was no need for it to have happened.