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Teacher Evaluation Dispute Echoes Beyond Chicago

One of the sticking points in the Chicago teachers' strike is how teachers should be evaluated — and the role student performance should play. Districts are grappling with the issue nationwide, but there's little agreement on how to implement such a system well.

Two Decisions May Make Voting Easier In Florida

Two decisions this week will affect voting in the important swing state of Florida this November. One involves early voting hours, the other involves an effort by the state to purge its voter registration list of non-citizens.

Actors In Anti-Islam Film Say They Were Misled

Melissa Block talks with Carrie Kahn about the various men associated with the film linked to violence in North Africa. Some are well-known in the U.S. for anti-Islam views and others say they are Coptic Christians.

'Occupiers' Reflect On Movement One Year Later

Last fall, when "Occupy" protests were cropping up around the country and world — emulating what started on Wall Street — Melissa Block talked with two of those thousands of protesters. Jason Potteiger in Boston and Sam Abrahamson in Chicago shared their reasons for taking to the street. She checks in with them again about where their movement is now and what they feel it's accomplished.

Obama Uses Colorado Stop To Address Foreign Policy

This campaign season, President Obama is trying to keep Colorado on his side. Scott Horsley talks to Audie Cornish.

Romney Tempers Foreign Policy Criticism After Flap Over Libya Remarks

A day after Mitt Romney ignited a debate over his criticism of President Obama's handling of events in North Africa, he largely steered clear of discussing the attack on an American consulate in Libya that left four Americans dead.

Can A Republican Win A Senate Seat In Blue Hawaii?

Surprisingly, some analysts are putting Hawaii's Senate race in the tossup column this year. Hawaii hasn't elected a Republican to the Senate since 1970. But with former Gov. Linda Lingle running, Republicans believe they have a chance. And whoever wins, the state will have its first female senator.

Infection Risk Prompts New York City To Regulate Ritual Circumcision

The New York City Board of Health voted unanimously today in favor of a new regulation that would require parents of young boys who undergo ritual circumcisions involving "direct oral suction" to sign a consent form first. The practice has been linked to serious herpes infections.

What's At Stake For U.S. Teachers

The rules of the game in education are shifting. The same sort of work rule changes that are at the heart of the teachers' strike in Chicago are being debated in school districts and states across the country.