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'Segregation Forever': A Fiery Pledge Forgiven, But Not Forgotten

On Jan. 14, 1963, Alabama Gov. George Wallace delivered an inauguration speech destined to go down in the history books. That now infamous line, "segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever," embodied a moment in U.S. history that changed the political landscape forever.

Demand High At San Francisco Firearms Show As Nation Mulls Gun Control

Concerns about new gun control measures has many weapons flying off the shelves. At one recent gun show in San Francisco, assault rifles were in short supply even though their prices had skyrocketed.

Dear Mr. President: What Do You Want Obama To Remember?

President Obama will soon be sworn into office, and whether you voted for him or not, he's everybody's president. What do you want him to remember in his second term?

Couple Whose Bike Was Stolen, And Returned, Will Donate It

After Courtney and Harly Forbes were victimized by a bike theft, their community rallied behind them — they were given a new bike, and the thief returned their tandem with a note asking for forgiveness. Now the couple says they will give their returned bike away, after they fix it up.