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Sikh Shooting Puts Focus On Hate Groups At Home

The attack at a Sikh temple by a gunman with ties to white supremacists has raised questions about domestic terrorism — and what law enforcement is doing to stop it. In recent years, the Internet, the worsening economy and changing demographic patterns have given new voice to hate groups.

Why Evading U.S. Rules May 'Tempt' Foreign Banks

The London-based Standard Chartered Bank faces charges of laundering Iranian funds and violating U.S. sanctions against Tehran. The U.S. has laws in place regulating foreign assets, but how effective are they?

In Times Of Drought, Movies Show Tenacity Of Life

The current nationwide drought won't let up — it's being compared to other drawn-out dry spells in the '30s and '50s. NPR's Bob Mondello looks at how droughts have inspired Hollywood over the decades. The results vary in tone but always highlight people's resilience — the simple stubbornness of life.

Publisher Pulls Controversial Thomas Jefferson Book, Citing Loss Of Confidence

Christian book company Thomas Nelson Publishers is ending its publishing and distribution of evangelical David Barton's controversial book, The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You've Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson. The publisher says it has lost confidence in the book's details.

Obama Targets Romney On Tax Credit For Wind Energy Producers

The president supports extending the credit that's due to expire at the end of the year. His GOP rival does not. Their positions may have consequences in two battleground states: Iowa and Colorado.

Obama Talks Clean Energy, Latino Issues In Colorado

President Obama wrapped up a two-day campaign trip through Colorado on Thursday.