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How Will America Cope With Diversity Changes?

Tell Me More continues the conversation about America's increasingly diverse population. Host Michel Martin looks at how communities and governments are responding to the changes with Danielle Belton of Clutch Magazine, Univision's Fernando Vila, and Howard Dodson, a Howard University historian.

Trillions Earned Under Table As More Work Off Radar

Millions of Americans are officially jobless, but that doesn't mean they're not earning money. To help make ends meet, many unemployed and underemployed people are working in what economists call the 'shadow economy.' Host Michel Martin speaks with Bloomberg economics reporter Joshua Zumbrun about this trend.

Indian Nations Squeezed By Sequester

Some areas of the country are barely feeling the impact of sequestration cuts, but the effects are very real in Indian nations. Host Michel Martin finds out more from Amber Ebarb of the National Congress of American Indians and Lacey Horn, Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation.

Amanda Knox May Face Retrial After Italian Court Ruling

In a surprise ruling, Italy's highest court ordered a retrial of American student Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher. The ruling overturned the 2011 acquittal of the two defendants after they had spent four years in jail.

Drug-Sniffing Dog Case Fails Supreme Court's Smell Test

In a 5-4 ruling, the court ruled that the Fourth Amendment protects a Florida homeowner who was arrested after the dog detected the odor of marijuana near his house.

At First Of Gay-Marriage Cases, Skepticism About Whether Court Should Weigh In

The justices began two days of high-profile oral arguments with many questions about whether they should even consider ruling on the merits of California's Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in that state.