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Fiscal Cliff Debate: Why The (Very) Few Rule The Many In Congress

Even if the Senate were to approve a compromise package and a majority of the House (Republicans and Democrats) were prepared to accept it, the deal likely won't even be brought to the House floor for debate and a vote. How can this be? Because of the de facto "majority of the majority" rule.

With Fiscal Cliff Around The Corner, Senate Adjourns For The Night

Talks appeared stalled Sunday as the Senate finished up for the evening without a deal in sight. Democratic Sen. Harry Reid said there was "still significant distance between the two sides."

Controversial 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Took Center Stage In 2012

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer talks to NPR reporter Greg Allen about the controversial Florida "Stand Your Ground" law which has now been copied by more than 20 states.

'Light Doesn't Die': A Sister's Poem For Slain Sandy Hook Teacher

Unable to sleep in the days after the Newtown, Conn., killings, Emily Leukhardt found herself writing about the sister who she says was "just fundamentally good."

In Limbo: Stateless Man Stuck On American Samoa

Mikhail Sebastian came to the South Pacific island for what should have been a short vacation; he has now been there for a year. U.S. immigration officials say he self-deported.

Years Delayed, Detroit Starts Testing Rape Kits For Evidence

In 2009, thousands of boxes of potential evidence were discovered untested. Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy is leading the effort to handle the backlog. While the city still lacks sufficient funding to test all of the 11,000 kits, it has made two convictions and discovered a pattern of serial rapists.

Hollywood Writer's Gongs Still Going Strong

The gong business is still a hit for Andrew Borakove, a comedy television writer turned gong salesmen. Despite the rocky economy, his doors have been open for eight years. "We've watched the world go up and down," he says, "but when you're selling gongs, there's no up or down, it's just round."

Acts Of Kindness Continue At Corner Perk Cafe

Earlier this year, one of the regulars at a Bluffton, S.C., coffee shop decided to donate $100 to buy other customers' coffee. Her gift sparked a chain reaction of people who also decided to "pay it forward."