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Romney's Road To The Nomination A Bumpy One

On Thursday night Mitt Romney will formally accept his party's nomination for President. We look back on the road that led to that moment.

Slow-Moving Isaac Still Left Destruction In Its Wake

There were many problems across Louisiana and Mississippi Thursday as people dealt with the aftermath of Isaac. In Slidell, La., water began to flood the historic downtown area and police needed to do house-to-house rescues.

Heart Of A Hawk In Iowa City, Iowa

Herky's Nest serves as a premium seating area in the Kinnick Stadium for children and families from the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

Helping Homeowners In Boston, Mass.

Boston Building Resources operates a nonprofit Reuse Center where people can donate — and buy — used building materials.

Anti-Trafficking Barista In Houston, Texas

A 2nd Cup is a non-profit coffee shop that seeks to raise awareness of human trafficking in the Houston community.

The Word From The RNC Floor

All eyes are on Mitt Romney as he formally accepts his party's nomination as the 2012 Republican presidential candidate. As GOP leaders and politicians convene for the final time in Tampa, Florida host Michel Martin meets two attendees on the floor of the convention.

Is Your Candidate Keeping The Faith?

As the Republican convention continues, the major political parties are defining their positions — and many are focused on faith. Host Michel Martin speaks with a diverse panel of religious leaders to weigh how they balance faith and politics.