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Drought Disasters Declared In More Counties; 1,297 Affected So Far

The designation means many farmers will qualify for emergency loans. By some measures, the drought is the worst the nation's suffered in more than 50 years.

Reports That Gov. Christie Will Give Keynote Tamp Down Veep Talk

Keynote speakers and vice presidential nominees give separate addresses. So unless tradition is going to be broken, choosing the New Jersey governor to deliver the keynote address at the GOP convention means he's not going to be on the ticket.

Columnist William Raspberry Never Lost Humor, Hope

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist was among the earliest black journalists to gain a wide following in mainstream media. His insights into education, poverty, race and crime were published in The Washington Post and appeared in more than 200 other newspapers. Host Michel Martin recalls the life and work of Raspberry, who died Tuesday at age 76.

Romney's 'Crony Capitalism' Charge May Ring True For Leaders Of Both Parties

Mitt Romney is accusing President Obama of "crony capitalism" as part of his campaign for the presidency. But critics of the U.S. economy and politics say the practice of rewarding the business interests of political supporters with federal taxpayer dollars is truly bipartisan.

Following Up On Tuesday's Feline Mayor Story

The media couldn't resist the tale of Stubbs the cat celebrating his 15th year as honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. Many reported that Stubbs was elected as a write-in candidates when the human candidates fell short. Not true. The tiny town has no real mayor, so there was no election.

Could The Health Law End Up Back In Court? Opponents Think So

Some conservative scholars think they may have discovered a flaw that could send the law back to court, or at least cause some big problems for its implementation.

Politics Likely Hinders San Bernardino's Economy

The city of San Bernardino, Calif., is expected to declare a fiscal emergency, and officially file for bankruptcy on Wednesday. The declaration would be the third by a California city in recent weeks. Some analysts believe San Bernardino's problems may be more about its dysfunctional local politics.

Keeping Kids Connected With Their Jailed Parents

With one of the highest incarceration rates in the country, Arizona also has one of the highest percentages of children with a parent in prison. In rural Coconino County, 1 of every 28 minors has an incarcerated parent, and that county is helping families stay in touch without bringing kids inside prison walls.