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Fla. Teen's Shooter Still Free; Lack Of Evidence Cited

The Seminole County State Attorney's Office in Florida declined to issue an arrest warrant for George Zimmerman, who shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. Until now, it was the Sanford Police Department that had claimed there was insufficient probable cause.

Medicaid Expansion Hangs On Justices' Scale

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday for and against expanding Medicaid as required in the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Host Melissa Blocks speaks with NPR's Julie Rovner.

'Neighborhood Watch' Pulls Trailer After Teen's Death

In light of the Sanford, Fla., shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin by a man in a neighborhood watch group, 20th Century Fox has pulled from Florida theaters posters and a promotional trailer for the comedy Neighborhood Watch.

In-Flight Health: JetBlue Pilot Hits Breaking Point

A pilot for JetBlue had to be subdued by passengers Tuesday after he left the cockpit mid-flight and went on a rant, screaming about Iraq and Israel. JetBlue has suspended the pilot, identified as Clayton Osbon, and has called this a "medical situation," which raises questions about psychological screening of commercial airline pilots. Host Melissa Block has more.

How Oil Taxes Will Make A Mark On Campaigning

Both Republicans and Democrats think they have the upper hand as the Senate takes up a bill that would end oil company tax breaks. NPR's David Welna explains how the debate in the Senate is likely to frame the debate this fall in the campaign.

Decisions, Decisions: How Will Justices Make Them?

The Supreme Court has finished up three days of hearings on the federal health care law, so what's next? How will the justices reach a decision? Host Melissa Block talks to attorney and former Supreme Court clerk Chris Walker for a behind-the-scenes look at the nation's highest court.

Arguments End, Deliberation Begins For Health Care

The three-day marathon at the Supreme Court is over. Wednesday the justices heard the last round of arguments over President Obama's health care law. Unlike the last two days, there were sessions in the morning and afternoon. NPR's Ari Shapiro joins host Melissa Block live to discuss the final day of Supreme Court arguments on the Affordable Care Act.

TRANSCRIPT & AUDIO: Supreme Court: The Health Care Law And Medicaid Expansion

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard the last of three days of oral arguments on the fate of President Obama's health care law. The afternoon arguments focused on the issue of the expansion of the Medicaid program.