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Discord Grows Over Chicago's Planned School Closings

Hundreds of members of the Chicago teachers union and other labor groups rallied Wednesday in an ongoing protest over a school closure plan that would shut down more than 10 percent of the district's 400 plus elementary schools. This is part of a political showdown with the city that began earlier in the school year when the teachers went on strike.

Deflections: The Unofficial Stat That Measures Success

The basketball tactic isn't officially tracked. There isn't even a universal definition (it can occur when a defensive player in any way redirects the intended flight of the ball). But University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino knows deflections are key to winning.

Reviving The Spirit And Schmaltz Of The Jewish Deli

Smoked salmon pastrami may sound heretical, but owners of a revisionist Jewish deli in Washington, D.C., say it's all part of a revival of traditional Jewish cuisine.

In Chicago, Dozens Arrested As They Protest School Closures

Chicago announced it would close 53 elementary schools to mitigate a $1 billion budget deficit. The protesters were demanding that the city walk back that plan.

Justices Cast Doubt On Federal Defense Of Marriage Act

In oral arguments, several Supreme Court justices expressed strong skepticism about DOMA, the law that bars same-sex couples legally married under state law from receiving the same federal benefits as married heterosexual couples.

Ashley Judd Tweets She Won't Run For U.S. Senate

The actress put an end to speculation that she would seek the Democratic nomination in order to challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

86-Year-Old Music Teacher A Hit Among Jailed N.C. Youths

At the Western Youth Institution in Morganton, N.C., a grandmotherly music instructor earns the respect of inmates with music and butterscotch candies.