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To Rehabilitate Young Vets, Go Hunting

The emotional scars of some young, recently returned veterans are mending through recreational rehabilitation programs. One program started by two former service members gets vets out of their hospital beds for a few days of hunting in rural Pennsylvania.

Romney Puts Distance Between Him And Himself On Public-Worker Hiring

After boldly declaring last week that voters didn't want more teachers, police and firefighters, Mitt Romney shifted his stance Tuesday. In a Fox News appearance, he clearly was distancing himself from his statement of four days earlier.

Liberal Group Excitedly Eyes Millions Of Potential Latino Voters

The liberal Center for American Progress put some numbers on the potential power of the untapped Latino vote. The think tank found significant numbers of unregistered U.S. citizens of Latino background in many states, a pool that expanded greatly when they added the number of permanent Latino residents eligible for citizenship before Election Day.

Under The 'Nuclear Shadow' Of Colorado's Rocky Flats

Kristen Iversen spent her childhood in the 1960s in Colorado near the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons factory, playing in fields that now appear to have been contaminated with plutonium. In Full Body Burden, she investigates the environmental scandal involving nuclear contamination around her childhood home.

And You Thought You Had Good Attendance

Jalyn Brown is a graduating honors student and a varsity basketball player at Riverhead High School in Long Island, New York. She's looking forward to a well-deserved chance to sleep in after a 13-year streak of perfect attendance. Brown tells host Michel Martin about what pushed her to get to school every morning.

Dropping Out With Debt

Student loan debt in the U.S. adds up to more than a trillion dollars, putting a major strain on graduates. But the weight of debt is even heavier for those who leave school without receiving a degree. Host Michel Martin speaks with Anthony Carnevale, who heads the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University.

Trouble Finding Jobs? It Might Be The Software

Many job hunters are downright frustrated. But one expert says it's not you, it's the employers and a flawed electronic application process that may be preventing qualified people from finding work. Host Michel Martin speaks with University of Pennsylvania's Peter Capelli. He's the author of Why Good People Can't Get Jobs.