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Hurricane Isaac Cleanup Begins In Mississippi

In Gulfport, Miss., the rains let up enough at times Thursday for recovery crews to get busy. Water is everywhere, making driving tricky. Flooded roadways have prevented people who evacuated from returning to their homes after the storm.

Norwalk, Ct., Schools Avert Budget Crisis

Like many cities, Norwalk has been repeatedly forced to cut its school budget. But this year, a $10 million shortfall forced a demand for even steeper cuts and big concessions from the teachers union. As the new school year begins, wounds are still deep after the frustrating budget battle.

A Veteran Cop Recalls A Tough Night On The Job

Police officers often have to respond to tragic scenes. Mark Edens, a retired Michigan State Trooper, remembers one night in 1974 that was especially tough. He says breaking the news to a family that a family member has died is always hard, but something he was born to do.

For Oil Refineries, Isaac Was 'Mostly A Nonevent'

The major oil companies are looking to restart oil production in the Gulf of Mexico as quickly as possible, now that Isaac has passed. With nearly all the production platforms shut down, many people expected to see a rise in oil prices. But instead, they fell.

Yosemite Visitors Warned Of Hantavirus Outbreak

Some tourists hoping to visit Yosemite National Park are changing their plans due to the recent outbreak of hantavirus. State health officials say two people have died and another four were infected after visiting the park this summer. There are questions about whether the park should have warned visitors sooner about the risk.

Transcript: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's Convention Speech

Transcript of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's speech at the Republican National Convention.

Sprucing Up Schools In Yigo, Guam

Andersen Air Force Base service members are sprucing up campuses, painting classroom walls and freshening up schoolyards.