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Millions Remain Without Power As Heat Rises

Some two million customers from North Carolina to New Jersey and Illinois again woke up to no power Monday, following severe thunderstorms on Friday that left at least 18 dead. Meanwhile, the region faces more blistering heat.

As Strikes Wane, Caterpillar Workers Hold The Line

About 800 machinists at an Illinois Caterpillar plant are entering their third month on strike. Strikes of large numbers of workers were relatively common in the 1970s, but today, work stoppages of this size — and this length — are rare.

Need A Thrill? Drive A Tank

If riding roller coasters and bumper cars no longer get your pulse racing this summer, Drive A Tank in Kasota, Minn., might be the amusement for you. They let customers drive military tanks through a 20-acre course, and for an extra fee, the chance to roll over and crush a car. All Things Considered host Robert Siegel talks with Drive A Tank owner Tony Borglum.

Romney Adviser Seems To Undercut GOP Health Care Tax Argument

Republicans seem at odds over whether President Obama introduced a big new tax through his health care law. Some conservatives are making a campaign issue of the Supreme Court ruling and its rationale. But a top aide says Mitt Romney — who signed a similar law in Massachusetts — doesn't see it as a tax.

At Work And At Play, How Cities Stack Up

There is increasing awareness of cities as a defining trait of humanity and their importance to our health, economy and the environment. Here, some basic nuts and bolts about cities and the people who live, drive, work and play in them.