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Sitting With Books In Oklahoma City, Okla.

Instead of throwing the book at parents who use the library as a babysitting center, one librarian is developing a program for the kids that includes mentoring and tutoring.

Pine Ridge Reservation Deaths To Be Reinvestigated

A deadly occupation at Wounded Knee, S.D., in 1973 left a legacy of violence. Now a U.S. attorney is re-examining 45 related deaths that tribal officials believe had the backing of the FBI.

Valomilks: A Sweet Treat That Runs Down Your Chin

The chocolate cups filled with oozy marshmallow have been around for eight decades. They're made by the Sifers family, whose legend holds that the gooey treats were created by a candy maker who imbibed a bit too much vanilla.

Settlement Spotlights Upstart N.Y. Regulator

Until this week, Benjamin Lawsky was a little-known banking regulator in New York. His aggressive pursuit of a $340 million settlement over a British bank's financial ties to Iran has put him in the spotlight, stunning the financial world but also rubbing federal regulators the wrong way.

King, Vilsack Take House Battle To The Fairground

One of the country's toughest congressional races pits Republican Rep. Steve King and the state's former first lady, Christie Vilsack, a political newcomer. This week, the Iowa State Fair was the battlefield.

If Politicians Went On Vacation, We'd All Get A Break

NPR's Scott Simon says voters and candidates might benefit if more politicians took real vacations — if they went somewhere, for at least a short time, where no one knows them. Where they don't have to ask for votes, money or spout talking points.

PTSD Isn't Just A War Wound; Teens Suffer, Too

About 4 percent of teenage boys and 6 percent of teenage girls have PTSD. Many of them have physical symptoms related to their stress, including problems sleeping, weight gain and hair loss. Researchers are trying to identify which parts of the brain are affected by PTSD so they can come up with more ways to treat the disorder.

For A Silvery Calif. Fish, A Special Moonlit Night

The grunion run happens only in the spring and summer months. Late at night, under the full and new moons, thousands of tiny, silvery fish swim to shore for a very peculiar mating ritual.