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Oakland Officials Confounded By Surge In Violent Crime

Oakland, Calif., is among the U.S. cities that's seen an increase in violence over the last year. The uptick in crime comes as the police department is also under pressure from a federal court to reform its ways.

New York's Grimy Garment District Hatches Designers' Dreams

As Fashion Week opens in New York on Thursday, all eyes will be on the Lincoln Center catwalk. But the real business of fashion will be happening a short distance away in the city's garment district, the resource-rich laboratory that has launched the careers of countless designers.

Drone Program Under Scrutiny As CIA Nominee Testifies

The Obama administration has relied heavily on its drone program, but prefers not to talk about it. Yet drones and interrogation practices came under scrutiny as CIA nominee John Brennan testified before a Senate committee.

Botulism From 'Pruno' Hits Arizona Prison

Inmates at a maximum security prison in Arizona were stricken with botulism after consuming homemade hooch that's called "pruno" inside the big house. Potatoes appear to be the source of the problem in two separate outbreaks.

Oh, Poop! Animal Shelter May Still Need More Newspapers

San Francisco's library system responded to the city shelter's need for newspapers with donations of its used copies. But dogs are "poop machines," as a shelter spokesman says. So the problem may not be quite solved.

What Nations Were The Most Forward-Looking In 2012?

Germany was the world's most future-oriented country in 2012, followed by Switzerland and Japan, according to the "Future Orientation Index," which is based on Google searches. Scientists say the index is "strongly correlated" to economic health.

Ending Saturday Delivery, End Of The Post Office?

People sick of receiving ads and newsletters in their mailbox soon will soon have a break on weekends. The U.S. Postal Service is halting Saturday mail deliveries. But how will it affect people who count on the mail for bills, checks, and medicine? And will stopping Saturday delivery be enough to keep the agency afloat?

Mixing Blues and the Nakota Nation In Music

When guitarist Mato Nanji made backstage conversation about the history of his tribe, the Nakota nation, he didn't expect his comments to inspire trance bluesman Otis Taylor. Host Michel Martin speaks to the two musicians behind the new album 'My World is Gone.'

Chain Restaurants Boost Sales With Lower-Calorie Foods

Who says healthy doesn't sell? McDonald's, Panera Bread and other restaurant chains that offered more lower-calorie food choices saw a 9 percent jump in food and beverage sales from 2006 to 2011, a new report finds. Restaurants without these options saw sales drop.