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Assessing The Damage From Superstorm Sandy

Steve Inskeep talks with FEMA Director Craig Fugate about how the agency plans to respond to the widespread damage caused by the mega-storm.

Latest On Sandy: Death Toll Rises, Wait For 'Normal' Life Continues

For many in New York City, New Jersey and other places hit hard by the superstorm, there's nothing to do but wait — for power, for transit service, for things to get better. They'll be waiting for days, officials warn.

There's No Contingency Plan If Disaster Strikes On Election Day

What if Hurricane Sandy had waited a week to strike the East Coast? There's no contingency plan in place for rescheduling an election if a storm or terrorist attack wiped out power in multiple states while voting was taking place. Says one expert: "We'll ignore it until it happens, and when it happens, we'll figure it out."

Stranded In Hawaii By Sandy, Travelers Wait

Hurricane Sandy disrupted flights all across the United States; even people far from the storm discovered that planes could not get to their airports. And of all the people affected, the saddest were surely 1,300 people from the East Coast stuck in Honolulu.

For Famously Impatient New Yorkers, Lots Of Waiting

New Yorkers are an impatient bunch. But Tuesday night in the neighborhoods without electricity, all people could do was wait.