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Frozen Meals Soothe The Sick And Shut-In

A fresh hot meal is a thing of beauty when you're having a tough go of things, and can literally bring tears to people's eyes. But a full freezer? That's money in the bank. So when it comes to feeding people in need, an extra meal for the freezer can be the best gift of all.

Obama Campaign Machine May Be Turned Loose On Fiscal Cliff Climbing Congress

President Obama's campaign operation apparently isn't going to be totally retired just yet. Instead, the Obama team is considering deploying some of its grass-roots elements to push Congress to solve the fiscal cliff problem and help pass the president's agenda.

Should We Legalize Drugs?

Colorado and Washington recently voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Supporters say that will generate tax revenue and free up law enforcement resources. So would the United States be better off legalizing all recreational drugs? A panel of experts debates for Intelligence Squared U.S.

Time Again To Talk Turkey, And Why Frying Can Be Fatal

If you're thinking about cooking your bird in hot oil, watch these videos. They may convince you do forget about it. But if you're still determined, they also may help keep things safe.

Future Of Cash-Strapped Historic Black Colleges

Many of the nation's historically black colleges and universities are facing financial problems, and some have had to shut down altogether. Guest host Celeste Headlee discusses the issue with Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough and Professor Marybeth Gasman of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

VIDEO: Cop, Clown Have Street Corner Tussle

No joke: A guy dressed in a clown suit kept running in and out of traffic in Milwaukee. He resisted a police officer's attempt to make him stop. That's when a fistfight/wrestling match began. And it was all recorded by a guy with a camera phone. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Former Sen. Warren Rudman Dies

A Republican who sometimes worked across party lines, he was known for an effort to narrow budget deficits and for a pre-2001 commission report that warned America would "become increasingly vulnerable to hostile attack."


Customers Help Robbed Coffee Kiosk Recover

In Portland, Ore., cars overflowed the parking lot as customers helped Black Rock Coffee Bar bounce back from two robberies in just two weeks. Many gave cash donations.