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Ore. Wildfires Leave Ranchers Without Grazing Land

Two giant wildfires burning in eastern Oregon have finally been contained. Although few people live in the affected area, cattle ranchers have seen hundreds of their livestock burned to death. The fire has an economic impact on the ranchers not only because of the lost livestock but also because these ranchers grazed their cows on federal land. And federal rules say that after a burn, land needs to go ungrazed for at least two years.

City Life Snapshot: A.J. Auto Accessories

We meet David Ortiz at A.J. Auto Accessories in Chicago. As part of the NPR Cities Project, we'll be hearing "City Life Snapshots" from time to time, sent to us by producers from the Association of Independents in Radio who are involved in its nationwide Localore initiative. This snapshot comes from the Curious City project at member station WBEZ.

Victims' Families Sue Over Drone Strike Program

The ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights are suing the U.S. Defense secretary, CIA director and two military commanders who played a role in the Obama administration's deadly drone strike program. Drone strikes killed three Americans in Yemen last year. They say lethal force against Americans far from the battlefield should be a last resort.

Motorists To Urban Planners: Stay In Your Lane

As many cities add bus and bike lanes, raise parking rates and increase traffic enforcement with cameras, some motorists feel like they're under attack. But advocates of these changes say they give people more options for getting around and make cities safer.

Drive Time: Commuting In American Cities

Americans' methods for commuting to work vary by city. Use this interactive map to explore how residents in different cities get to their jobs — by driving alone, carpooling or taking mass transit — and how long those journeys last.