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Why Wildfire Mitigation Would Pay Off Later

Crews in Colorado are struggling to get the upper hand on the massive High Park wildfire that's destroyed more homes and property than any blaze in the state's history. With Colorado and the rest of the drought-plagued Southwest coming off a winter with record low snowpack, officials are braced for more fires. But previous forest management techniques could be partly to blame for the severe fires.

Romney, Obama Fine-Tune Pitches To Latino Voters

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee and the president are taking their stump speeches to a prominent group of elected Latino officials. Both candidates see garnering Latino votes as critical to winning.

GPS Study Shows Drivers Will Slow Down, At A Cost

U.S. traffic officials who hope to get drivers to slow down may have found something that works: a GPS device that gives drivers a financial incentive not to speed. Some 12,000 Americans die every year in traffic crashes caused by speeding, according to government statistics.

Bidders Get Feisty Over Foreclosed Homes

The inventory of homes for sale in California is low, even in areas with high foreclosure rates. That's made any available home enticing to buyers. But with so few houses for sale, bidding wars have returned. In many cases, investors are squeezing out the families trying to buy.

Native American Comic Living The 'Indigenous Dream'

Comedian Charlie Hill has been doing standup for more than three decades. Considered a hero in the Native American community, Hill says that he's achieved his dreams — but that the American dream is still out of reach for many Native Americans.