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Maine Court Sets $25,000 Bail For 'North Pond Hermit'

Christopher Knight, whose 27 years of living in near-total isolation in Maine made him an object of fascination after he was arrested for stealing food and supplies, appeared by video for a court hearing Tuesday, when a Kennebec County judge set his bail at $25,000 cash.

American Airlines Grounds All Flights Due To Computer Glitch

The airline says a glitch in its computerized reservation system caused planes to be grounded for two hours.

Quality Conundrum: Complications Boost Hospital Profits

Hospitals can make more money when surgery leads to complication that need to be fixed. Critics say the current payment system rewards hospitals for bad care and fails to provide incentives that would benefit patients.

Security Expert: Investigators Seeking Bomber's 'Signature'

An expert on terrorism and security says investigators in Boston are looking for minute clues in bomb debris that could point to a suspect, and also turning to race spectators who might have captured evidence. "That was one of the most photographed sites on the planet yesterday," he said.

Boston Globe Columnist: 'A Little Bit Of Freedom Taken Away'

Sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy talks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about Monday's events at the Boston Marathon, the place the marathon holds in the life of the city, its importance in the international world of running, and the history of attacks at sporting events.

Runners Dig In Their Heels: 'We Can Endure A Lot'

It may take runners a long time to erase the memory of bombs exploding right at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, one of the most celebrated races in the world. But many runners say continuing to run offers a small, symbolic way of putting such violence behind them.

Update On The Boston Marathon Bombings

President Obama makes a statement about Monday's explosions at the Boston Marathon. Morning Edition co-hosts David Greene and Steve Inskeep speak to NPR reporters covering the story in Washington and Boston.