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Kids' Voices Key On Both Sides Of Gay-Marriage Debate

Opponents of gay marriage have long argued that children's best interests require both a mom and a dad. Recently, however, the children of same-sex couples have started speaking for themselves, advocating for gay marriage.

Chicago Teachers, Parents Riled By Plan To Close 54 Public Schools

The Chicago public school district says closing underutilized facilities would free up resources as it faces a $1 billion shortfall. But parents and the teachers union say the plan will endanger children, and they plan to fight to keep the schools open.

Not Doing So 'Boffo,' 'Daily Variety' Drops Print Edition

Showbiz info is everywhere now, making it harder to sustain Hollywood's slang-filled must-read as a daily print publication. The magazine printed its last daily this week but will continue online and in a weekly edition. Cultural historian Neil Gabler explains why this shift is significant.

Living And Loving Through The Bubonic Plague

Lucinda Marker and her husband, John Tull, fell ill when fleas carrying the bacterial infection bit them in 2002. The plague is so rare in the U.S., they were suspected of being terrorists or bioterrorism victims.

Investigators Seek Link Between Texas Car Chase, Colorado Shooting

A Colorado parolee who may be linked to the killing of the head of Colorado's Department of Corrections this week led Texas deputies on a high-speed car chase that ended with him being shot. The suspect was a member of a white supremacist prison gang.

Colorado Governor Signs Civil Unions Into Law

When the law takes effect May 1, Colorado will join eight states that have civil unions. Nine others and the District of Columbia allow same-sex marriage. The approval of civil unions is a dramatic turnaround for a state where voters in 2006 banned gay marriage.

Man Freed after Two Decades In New York Prison; Doubt Cast On Murder Conviction

An fresh investigation into the 1990 murder of a New York rabbi has resulted in the freedom of the man convicted of the crime. Prosecutors supported David Ranta's release, saying serious doubt had been cast on his guilt.