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States Dreading Fiscal Cliff Outcome — But Indecision May Be Worse

State and local officials are rooting for President Obama and Congress to quickly reach a budget deal. They anticipate the fiscal pain that would result from automatic cuts, and know things could even be worse from the negotiated belt-tightening behind any pact. But at this point, they just want some certainty.

In A 'Numb' Newtown, Students Head Back To School

Sandy Hook Elementary's students will attend classes in other buildings. Meanwhile, the investigation into why Adam Lanza attacked the school — killing 20 children and six adults — continues.

Questions Answered About Indiana Jones Package

We told you last week that the University of Chicago received a package addressed to Indiana Jones. The character is said to have attended the school. It turns out it was just lost mail. It was part of another package, an eBay purchase that was supposed to go to Italy.

Sen. Inouye, A War Hero Who Broke Barriers, Dies At 88

Hawaii Democrat Daniel Inouye, the Senate's senior member, received the Medal of Honor for his service in World War II. In Italy, he personally stormed three German machine gun nests, taking them out but losing his right arm in the process. Inouye died Monday after suffering from a respiratory ailment.

Conn. Adult Shooting Victims Hailed As Heroes

Six school employees died in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. President Obama has hailed them as heroes. The six women included a veteran school psychologist, a dedicated special education teacher and a young substitute at the beginning of her career.

U.S. Nervous About Japan's New Prime Minister

The Obama administration will soon be dealing with new leadership in Japan. Over the weekend, Japanese voters returned a former prime minister to the country's top job. Shinzo Abe took an assertive stand on several issues during the election, sparking concern in the U.S. his win could stir up tension in the region.