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O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial On Robbery-Kidnapping Conviction

Simpson says the defense never told him of a plea deal offer and that his lawyer had a conflict of interest in the case.

Associated Press: Feds Secretly Obtained Reporter Phone Logs

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, the AP president says there can be 'no possible justification' for the breach of confidential communications.

Clinton White House Crisis Manager Dings Obama's Message Team

Lanny J. Davis., a onetime crisis manager in former President Clinton's White House operation, doesn't give President Obama's communications team high marks.

For Supreme Court, Monsanto's Win Was More About Patents Than Seeds

The high court ruled unanimously that when farmers use patented seed for more than one planting in violation of their licensing agreements, they are liable for damages.

Exactly What Did The IRS Want To Know?

As part of its inappropriate scrutiny of conservative applicants for tax-exempt status, the IRS wanted copies of tweets and personal information about board members.

Poll: Americans Split Over Benghazi Issue

The survey showed that slightly more people (40 percent) thought the administration had been dishonest about Benghazi than those who said honest (37 percent).

Card-Carrying Cajuns? Louisiana Lawmakers Weigh ID Change

A bill making its way through the Louisiana Legislature would let Cajun citizens celebrate their ancestry by customizing their driver's license, adding the phrase "I'm a Cajun" below their photograph.