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From Making Snow Angels To Sledding, Finding Ways To Have #FunInTheSnow

Here's some of the stories and images that exhibit the fun side of the latest winter blizzard.

An Accused Killer Seeks An Audience With Everyone

The former Los Angeles police officer accused of killing three people and shooting others addressed a letter to Americans airing his grievances. How are we to respond?

The Blizzard 'Nemo' Highlights The Hype Cycle Of Storms

The hype surrounding major storms follows a predictable pattern — plenty of buildup and panic before it peaks, plateaus and peters out. Could this kind of hype cycle have consequences for storm victims?

Tales From A Blizzard: Stranded At The Airport

Reporter Kate O'Connell was supposed to be winging her way to Australia. Instead, the blizzard that hit the Northeast has her grounded at Kennedy Airport in New York. She sends us this postcard.

Despite Shadow Of Sandy Hook, Schools Considered 'Safe'

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon speaks with Dr. Ronald Stephens, the executive director of the National School Safety Center, about some of the things schools are doing to beef up security in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. He says despite the nationwide concern about safety, schools remain among the safest places in the community.

Blizzard Batters Northeast With Heavy Snow, High Winds

NPR's Jeff Brady talks to host Scott Simon about the latest on the monster blizzard blanketing the East Coast.