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Congress Returns To Center Stage

Congress returns from its spring break this coming week. The Senate will vote on the Buffett Rule, raising taxes on millionaire investors. The House may wrestle again with the highway bill. The distraction of presidential primaries will no longer deflect public attention. NPR's David Welna talks with host Rachel Martin.

At Americas Summit, Allies Nudge U.S. To Change

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has faced criticism from some presidents who say the U.S. approach to the drugs trade has simply generated more violence in Latin America. That wasn't the only thorny issue the president faced during the Summit of the Americas in Colombia.

The 2080 Census: The World As We (Don't) Know It

Imagine how cool would it be if, by some twist of time, the National Archives were to make available detailed census information from the future. Will we have melded with our machines, as one futurist predicts? Join us on a short (round)trip to 2080.

5 Dead After Tornadoes Swirl Through Midwest And Plains

The midsection of the U.S. was wracked by storms and tornadoes overnight, with forecasts of more severe weather to come. Authorities have confirmed five deaths in northwest Oklahoma, where a tornado touched down early Sunday morning.

New York Teacher Ratings Renew Evaluation Debate

The Obama administration is making some federal funds contingent on schools using student test scores and classroom observations to evaluate teachers. New York City recently sparked a controversy when it rated thousands of teachers with test scores alone — and then released those ratings to the public.

Arrest, Charges Push Trayvon Martin Case Forward

NPR's Joel Rose has a round-up of the week's news in the Trayvon Martin shooting case. Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman is in jail and the legal case is moving forward.

Who Is A Parent? Surrogate Technology Outpaces Law

For thousands of years, there was no doubt. A woman who gave birth was that child's mother, and her husband the presumed father. Thanks to scientific advances, multiple people may be involved in creating a child now, but the law has not caught up.