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As Florida Bill Looks To Aid Feral Cats, Opponents Claw Back

Lawmakers are considering a measure that would offer legal protection to groups that trap, sterilize and return feral cats to their colonies. But wildlife groups and some homeowners say the cats are a threat to public health — and to other animals.

Losing A Leg, But Gaining A Sense Of Purpose

Jack Richmond was a young father when his leg was crushed in a work accident. Though in denial at first that it would need to be amputated, he quickly realized he could share his experience to help other amputees, as he tells his daughter, Reagan, on a visit to StoryCorps.

Gun Fight Didn't End Too Soon For House GOP, Some Democrats

With the failure of Senate gun-control legislation, House Republicans need not worry about a torrent of negative campaign ads against them over their opposition to such bills. Some Senate Democrats are likely breathing a sigh of relief, too.

Conn. Governor Lambastes Senate After Gun Control Bill Fails

After the Sandy Hook shooting, Gov. Dannel Malloy signed into law some of the strictest gun controls in the country. He also urged the passage of new federal restrictions. Melissa Block talks with Malloy about his reaction to the Senate's failure to pass legislation this week.

Ex-Justice Of The Peace Charged With Killings In North Texas

In what has been described as a revenge plot, Eric Williams and his wife are charged with the murders of a Kaufman County district attorney, his wife and an assistant prosecutor. Williams is already in custody for allegedly making a terroristic threat.

Walking While Old: Seniors Face Greatest Death Risk

Older people are much more likely than youngsters to be killed crossing the street, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And men are more likely to be killed than women, regardless of age.

Gang Of 8 Discusses Plan, Cites 'Year Of Immigration Reform'

Following the defeat of comprehensive gun control legislation, a bipartisan group of eight U.S. senators on Thursday outlined a wide-reaching immigration overhaul introduced this week.

In D.C., Art Program Turns Boys' Lives Into 'Masterpieces'

In Washington's Ward 7, where only 33 percent of students graduate from high school, a program called Life Pieces to Masterpieces is sending nearly 100 percent of its graduates to college or post-secondary education.