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Recording Hepatitis C: A Patient's Treatment Journal

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends all baby boomers get tested for Hepatitis C. The infection, which one in 30 boomers is expected to have, causes serious liver disease, including cancer. It's treatable, but even that is a serious endeavor, involving months of heavy medicines that are taxing on the body. Melissa Block talks with Ana Johnson of San Marcos, Texas, who kept a video journal of her experience with treatment.

More Of The Nation Is Getting The Worst Of The Drought

There's been another increase in the area of the lower 48 states suffering "exceptional" drought conditions.

Spreading Their Wings In Columbus, Ohio

Proyecto Mariposa, or Project Butterfly, helps provide life skills to Latina girls and their mothers while ensuring they do not forget their Latin roots.

Two Deputies Killed, Two Wounded In Louisiana Shootings

In St. John the Baptist Parish, the deputies were killed as they investigated what authorities say was an earlier ambush of a fellow officer.

Tracking Death Helps Chronicle Lives In Deep South

There are elders who pass along traditions, like ministers, teachers, doctors, and in the black community, funeral directors. Samuel Gaines' family has worked as undertakers for generations. He and Jean Ellen Wilson talk with guest host Jacki Lyden about chronicling the lives of their town's black residents, by keeping track of their deaths.

Undocumented Youth Line Up For A Chance To Stay

Massive crowds of young people showed up in cities across the country Wednesday. Some undocumented immigrants can now apply for temporary legal status. In Chicago, overwhelmed organizers turned away potential applicants. Guest host Jacki Lyden talks with the Chicago Tribune's Antonio Olivo and 23 year-old undocumented immigrant, Evelyn Rivera.

Family Research Council Attacker Faces Weapons, Assault Charges

Law enforcement sources say the gunman spoke about the conservative group's policies before firing his weapon. A security guard was wounded, but was still able to help subdue and disarm the attacker.