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Police In Quiet Boston Suburb Chase Bombing Suspects

Steve Inskeep talks to Mark Sideris, president of the Watertown town council, about events that unfolded overnight.

Suspect Denies Putting Ricin In Letter To Obama, Others

The Mississippi man arrested for sending poison letters to President Obama, a U.S. senator and a judge in Mississippi, appeared in court Thursday. His lawyer says he denies putting the toxin ricin in those letters.

Investigators Name Two Suspects In Boston Bombing

The FBI is interested in two men seen in videos and photographs at Monday's Boston Marathon before two bombs went off. Investigators released photographs and asked the public to help identify the men on Thursday. Robert Siegel talks to Dina Temple-Raston has the latest.

Obama Offers Message Of Resilience After Boston Attacks

President Obama attended an interfaith service in Boston honoring the victims and survivors of the marathon bombing.

Boston In Collective Mourning After Marathon Attack

Bostonians mourned the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings on Thursday.

Two Young Men Suspected In Boston Bombing Attack

The FBI held a press conference on Thursday about the latest news in the Boston Marathon bombing investigation. Robert Siegel talks to Tom Gjelten for more.