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Ted Nugent Stands Firm, Secret Service To Look Into His Words About Obama

The rocker told NRA members that he will either be "dead or in jail" next year if President Obama is re-elected. Nugent says that was not some sort of veiled threat.

Pentagon Condemns Actions Of Soldiers Posing With Suicide Bombers' Remains

The Pentagon has launched an investigation. The "behavior and these images are entirely inconsistent" with the values of the U.S. military and its allies, Gen. John Allen says. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calls it "inhuman conduct."

Obama And Romney Seek The Elusive 'Floating Voter'

Polls show that most Americans already know who they want for president in 2012. Both campaigns must target the relatively few truly persuadable voters in swing states — those who may actually decide the election. And the race has begun to try and convince those coveted, sometimes quirky minds.

Jamie Moyer Makes Major League Baseball History

Many of today's professional baseball players weren't born when pitcher Jamie Moyer began his career. At 49, Moyer has become the oldest pitcher to win a Major League game.

Roof Of Seattle's Space Needle Goes Retro

Built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, the space needle was meant to be a beacon of the future. To celebrate its 50th anniversary on Saturday, the Space Needle's sloped roof is being re-painted its original shade. Some call it sienna — designers have dubbed it Galaxy Gold.

Senate Panel Holds Hearing On Racial Profiling Bill

Civil rights groups are lobbying Congress to put an end to racial profiling, the practice of targeting people because of their race or religion. A bill before Congress aims to do just that. On Tuesday, a Senate Judiciary panel heard from victims, police and lawmakers.

Generic Drug Industry Wins Patent Court Case

The Supreme Court handed generic drug makers a major victory in a patent case Tuesday. Generic manufacturers had been barred from using the courts to challenge patents given to their brand-name rivals. The court ruled unanimously that generics do have that right.

Why Prescribed Burning Is Hard To Do In New York

One of the easiest ways to manage a severe wildfire is prescribed burning — intentionally lighting a forest on fire in order to burn off what would otherwise be dangerous amounts of underbrush. But prescribed burning is expensive, time consuming and difficult to do in densely populated areas.