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Prosecutors Knew Of FBI's Forensics Flaws For Years, The Washington Post Reports

The Justice Department has long known that flawed forensic work by FBI experts may have helped convict innocent people, but prosecutors rarely told defendants' attorneys, according to The Washington Post. Problems were seen in analyses of fingerprints, hair and fibers, bullets, polygraphs and other areas.

Pranksters Put Fake Ensign's Portrait On Pentagon Wall; It Stayed For Months

No one noticed that "Ensign Chuck Hord," who was supposedly lost at sea in 1908, had a very modern looking hair cut. But the fun was over when The Wall Street Journal started asking questions.

Shifting Into Reverse, Detroit Automakers Lose Some Market Share

Chrysler, Ford and General Motors gained share in 2010 and 2011. But Toyota's rebound and other factors have led market share gains for other automakers.

Scandal Puts Secret Service Culture In The Spotlight

After alleged misbehavior that involved prostitution, the U.S. Secret Service revoked top security clearances of 11 agents who have been put on administrative leave and remain under investigation. The agents were part of the advance team that traveled to Colombia before President Obama arrived to attend the Summit of the Americas. The scandal has focused attention on the training and standards typically upheld by the Secret Service.

Drones Moving From War Zones To The Home Front

Congress recently passed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which — along with funding the Federal Aviation Administration's budget through 2015 — encourages the acceleration of unmanned aircraft programs in U.S. airspace. Drones have taken on a large role in military operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. The new legislation could make the technology more prevalent in several arenas, from local police departments to farmers monitoring crops. What exactly are drones, how are they used — now and potentially — and do they threaten people's rights to free speech and privacy?