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Illinois Services Threatened As Pension Hole Grows

Illinois' pension gap is estimated at $83 billion — and it costs $12.6 million more every day the state does nothing to address the crisis. The state can't readily come up with the money, and while politicians say they want to help, they're unlikely to act during an election year.

Oakland Turns A Corner As Calif. Faces Budget Woes

Long associated with urban decay, Oakland, Calif., has experienced a resurgence in recent years with a revitalized downtown. The New York Times listed the city as No. 5 among its top "places to go" in 2012. But its comeback may be threatened by California's state budget tightening.

Storm Stimulus Unlikely As Communities Recover

Major storms can spur significant economic activity as homeowners and businesses rebuild. But this week's storms are unlikely to provide much benefit.

Poll Shows A New Definition Of Optimism In America

Two-thirds of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to a survey conducted by polling firm Penn Schoen Berland. Pollster Mark Penn explains that though Americans are losing confidence in the nation, they have retained a sense of personal optimism.

Polls Show Americans, Like Their Justices, Are Still Divided Over Health Care

Americans remain about as polarized over the legitimacy of President Obama's health care law as the nine members of the Supreme Court, according to polls taken after Thursday's ruling.

Andy Griffith Dies, Was TV's Sheriff Taylor And Matlock

Griffith was the wise Sheriff Andy Taylor in one of American television's most beloved situation comedies. Later, he was criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock in another long-running series.