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Boston: A Real-World Test Of Homeland Security

The bombing and its aftermath revealed a massive, highly coordinated homeland security apparatus that can organize a mass casualty disaster or lock down a major American city at a moment's notice. Or both.

After Bombing Suspect Captured, Next Steps Begin

One bombing suspect is dead and the other in custody after a week of investigation that led to a tense manhunt and standoff Friday. NPR's David Schaper joins Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon with the latest on the Boston Marathon bombings aftermath.

MIT Officer Died Protecting His Community, In Job He Loved

The grisly week that began at the Boston Marathon on Monday left a police officer dead. Sean Collier, an officer with the MIT campus police, was pronounced dead Thursday night. He's remembered as passionate and dedicated to his profession.

In Boston, The Search For Answers Begins

Now that one suspect in the Boston bombings is captured and the other dead, the quest for answers begins and investigators look for motives. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Tom Gjelten about what's next for Boston.

Boston Manhunt Ends With Suspect In Custody

A week of fear and questions following Monday's bombing of the Boston Marathon ended with a dramatic daylong manhunt and capture of the remaining suspect on Friday. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks NPR's Dan Bobkoff joins about the latest from Boston and captured suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Week Of Hardship Strains City Of Boston

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon speaks with journalist Mike Barnicle about how Boston is faring since the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the subsequent manhunt. Barnicle, a journalist frequently on MSNBC and who has written for the Boston Globe for many years, was born and raised in Massachusetts.