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Why Flying Is No Fun (And May Be More Dangerous)

Airline veteran and writer William McGee says airlines' aggressive cost-cutting hasn't just added fees and hassles. He says they're taking steps that compromise safety — and regulators are letting it happen.

What Issues Really Matter To Latinos?

A recent Gallup poll shows immigration lags behind other issues among Latino voters. But immigration has dominated recent headlines and both President Obama and Mitt Romney are fighting to garner Latino support. Guest host Viviana Hurtado speaks with Kristian Ramos of a Democratic-leaning think tank, and the National Review's Mario Loyola.

Contracts For Home Sales Rose Sharply In May

The 5.9 percent increase in pending home sales was well above expectations and matched their strongest pace in two years.

City Of Stockton's Looming Bankruptcy: Pictures Tell The Story

The California city is about to declare bankruptcy. It would be the largest U.S. city to ever do so. KQED's Ian Hill went out to take photos of the municipal projects that were built in better times, but have left Stockton owing millions.

On The Left, Rangel Survives; On The Right, Hatch Easily Wins

Tuesday's primaries were pretty good for incumbents — although Rep. John Sullivan, R-0kla., was defeated by a Tea Party-backed challenger.

'Epic' Wildfire Sends Tens Of Thousands Scrambling For Safety In Colorado

In Colorado Springs, firefighters are in "triage" mode. They're passing by some homes they don't think can be saved to get to others they may be able to keep from burning. Dry conditions, hot temperatures and strong winds are fanning the flames.

Nordstrom Worker Accused Of Selling Stolen Items

A Nordstrom warehouse worker created a mini department store in his living room — displaying fancy watches and hand bags at very good prices. He even took orders. Police noticed him when he wore a bulky winter coat to work on a hot summer day and made lots of trips to his car.

The Curious Fate Of Stonewall Jackson's Arm

When Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot by his own troops, his left arm was amputated and buried. But when the general died days later, he was not reunited with his lost limb.