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Nor'Easter Deals Extra Blow To Those Without Power

A California power crew took on one damaged street on Long Island.

Pot Legalization Could Cut Deeply Into Cartel Profits

A Mexican think tank says the marijuana legalization measures that passed in Colorado and Washington state will cut into cartel drug profits, as high as 25 percent in some U.S. states.

Power Crews Back To Square One In New Jersey

Melissa Block talks to Ron Morano, chief spokesman for Jersey Central Power and Light, about continued power outages after Sandy and Wednesday's Nor'easter.

'Fiscal Cliff' Was Meant To Spur Compromise

Robert Siegel and Melissa Block examine what makes up the so-called "fiscal cliff."

J.R. Ewing And A Found Recipe For Poppy Seed Cookies

It's not morbid! Cookbook authors the Brass Sisters want you to ask your elders for recipes this holiday season, before it's too late and they're gone. And also, try their Aunt Ida's tasty Poppy Seed Cookies.