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'Pocket Parks' Start Popping Up Over All Over L.A.

Pocket Parks are little green spaces embedded in an otherwise built-up neighborhood. Urban theorists say it's beneficial to have small spaces like these that are less than 20,000 square feet and can serve people within a tenth of a mile of the park. Los Angeles has plans for 50 new parks like this and they're bulldozing foreclosed homes to make way for some of them. In this City Life Snapshot — we get a before and after picture of a new park on 49th Street in South L.A.

Bridging The Gap Between Two Neighborhoods

In the nation's capital, park planners have drawn up an ambitious plan to transform an old bridge into an active recreation space. If realized, the park would offer a physical and symbolic link between two very different communities.

Can A New Building Save A Failing School?

For years, School 16 in Rochester, N.Y., has been on the decline. The school's building was falling apart, and test scores were on a steady decline. Now, the school's move to a newer, nicer building brings hope that a better building could spell better academic performance.

State Must Grant Murder Convict A Sex Change Operation, Judge Rules

Robert Kosilek killed his wife in 1990. In 1993, he changed his name to Michelle. In 2002, Kosilek began receiving female hormone injections. Now, a judge has agreed Kosilek should have gender reassignment surgery to treat a gender idenity disorder.

There's A 'Bear Epidemic' Out West, And It's 'About To Get Worse'

Because of droughts, bears are having to search harder and across wider ranges to find food. That's increasingly bringing them into contact with humans. In Aspen, Colo., alone there were nearly 300 "bear calls" to police in August — a record.