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Columbus Zoo Visitors Witness Family Feud

The fight broke out when mother elephant Phoebe was disciplining her son Beco. Another elephant, known as Aunt Connie, disapproved, and the females started shoving each other. A zoo director told The Columbus Dispatch that elephants, like humans, sometimes disagree about child rearing.

Power's Still Out For Nearly 2 Million, And Intense Heat Continues

From the Great Lakes through the Mid-Atlantic, there's no relief from the heat in sight. Meanwhile, utility crews are struggling to get power to those who lost it because of the huge damage caused by Friday's severe weather.

Airbus: 'The Time Is Right' To Open Alabama Plant

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is making a bold move into North America. It will build its first U.S. assembly plant on the Gulf Coast in Mobile, Ala. Officials in Mobile have courted Airbus for nearly eight years, but their hopes appeared dashed last year when the European firm lost out to rival Boeing in a bidding war for a lucrative Air Force contract.

When Ice Cream Attacks: The Mystery Of Brain Freeze

Drink that Slurpee too fast, and you risk an attack of "brain freeze." Scientists are fascinated by the headaches caused by consuming cold things. But alas, they still don't know where ice cream headaches come from.

West Chicago Neighborhood Hit Hard By Weather

No power and high heat equal no fun in parts of Illinois. Some worry that July 4 celebrations will be affected.

Utilites Working To Restore Power In Virginia

Several states in the East and Midwest are still grappling with last weekend's severe storms. In Virginia, hundreds of thousands of residents don't have electricity. But the question is: Why do some neighborhoods in Charlottesville have power while others don't?

French Law Requires Breathalyzer Kits In Cars

In France, a law just took effect that requires all drivers, including tourists, to buy a breathalyzer test to keep in their cars. Drunk driving is huge problem in France — causing more accidents per year than speeding. It was recently discovered that the head of the group that lobbied for the law also works for a company that makes the kits.