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You Can Buy An Island, But Can You Really Own It?

Software mogul Larry Ellison, who recently purchased the Hawaiian island of Lanai, is finding out that owning an island is not all Mai Tais and hammocks. Along with the island, Ellison bought a relationship with the 3,000 people who live there.

Man Wins $7 Million In Suit Claiming Microwave Popcorn Caused Lung Disease

Previously, "popcorn lung" disease has been limited to plant workers exposed to flavoring chemicals. The new verdict awarded to a microwave popcorn consumer may spark a rash of similar suits, lawyers say.

Leader Of Amish Sect, 15 Others Found Guilty Of Hate Crimes In Beard Cuttings

Samuel Mullet Sr. insisted his actions and those of his followers were protected religious activity. But a jury agreed with prosecutors that the incidents were hate crimes. Mullet and his followers could each be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Katrina Survivor Explains How To Weather Disaster

When Purdue professor Daniel Aldrich and his family evacuated New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home, they took only the essentials. Although they applied for federal aid, Aldrich says it was his his social networks that came through for his family when they needed help most.

Is Putting Politics On Display Bad For Business?

Every election season, the political signs that sprout like dandelions from lawns across America also pop up at more than a few businesses. For some, expressing political preferences is a calculated move to attract customers. But it can just as easily turn them away.

Tim Pawlenty Exits Romney Campaign To Lead Bank Lobbying Group

Tim Pawlenty's resignation as co-chairman of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign comes less than seven weeks before Election Day and during a bad stretch for the candidate.