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Joplin's New Trees Struggle To Survive Amid Drought

When a powerful tornado slammed into Joplin, Mo., in May 2011, 161 people were killed. The tornado also knocked down thousands of buildings and destroyed more than 15,000 of the city's trees. Lack of rain is now threatening the survival of thousands of donated saplings planted to reforest Joplin.

Some Idaho Farmers Pray, Others Turn On The Water

Not every farm in the state was blessed with an aquifer for irrigation. For those that are, crops have flourished despite the drought that has stricken much of the U.S. Farmers dependent on rain, however, are stuck with devastating crop losses.

First Prayer Service Held In Tennessee Mosque

After years of protests and roadblocks, a controversial mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn., finally opened on Friday. It's been a years-long battle to get the place permitted, built and opened for the Muslim community in the town just south of Nashville.

Romney Aims To Perk Up Poll Numbers On Swing-State Bus Tour

Over the next four days, the Republican candidate will try to win over voters in four states that President Obama won in 2008 — Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio.

The Next Act For Newt Gingrich? It Could Be A TV Talk Show

The former GOP presidential candidate is making news of his own, even while fulfilling his current role as surrogate for Mitt Romney. Could a daytime talk show be next on the list?

Seeing The World Through The Olympic Rings [Infographic]

Using only the rings of the Olympic logo, artist Gustavo Sousa strips down world statistics to illustrate global disparities, including those for population, obesity, carbon dioxide emissions and Coco-Cola sales. What would the medal count for the 2012 Olympics look like in this infographic style?

Georgia Town Ranks As City With Worst U.S. Job Loss

For decades, Dalton, Ga., has been known as the world's carpet capital. Recently, it was named something else: the town with the worst job loss. That's because of job cuts made by the town's carpet mills. Leaders want to attract manufacturing jobs but say it will take time to turn the economy around.

Memorial Service Held For Wis. Sikh Shooting Victims

A memorial service was held today for the shooting victims at a Sihk temple in Wisconsin. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at the service.