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USS Iowa's Guns Are Now For Show

The battleship ferried Franklin Roosevelt to a historic meeting during World War II and parried Russians in the Cold War. Now the USS Iowa is setting course for a second life as a museum.

'Social Welfare' Organizations Play Big Role In Presidential Politics

Some of the heaviest advertisers are groups financed by anonymous donors. They're not organized as political committees, but as "social welfare" organizations. One of those groups, led by GOP strategist Karl Rove, is rivaling the campaigns themselves for ad money spent so far in the election.

How One Drought Changed Texas Agriculture Forever

Texas farmers were boggled in the 1950s when rain refused to fall for seven years. Crops and livestock suffered from the drought, which later spurred water planning initiatives so the state could survive in the event of another dry spell. Some growers still recall what's colloquially called "the drouth."

Gridlock: Storms, Blackouts Expose Power Problems

Even before last weekend's storms killed at least 26 people and knocked out power to 3 million, engineers were worried about the nation's power grid. The American Society of Civil Engineers says unless $673 billion is invested in the grid, it could break down by 2020.

Portraits: Texas Ranchers Remember An Epic Drought

Their faces have weathered decades of hardship.

U.S. Gives Afghanistan New Ally Status As Part Of 2014 Transition

The country has been designated a "major non-NATO ally," which will facilitate defense and security cooperation between the countries even after the U.S. withdraws combat troops.

Evangelicals Fight Over Therapy To 'Cure' Gays

The largest "ex-gay ministry" that has promoted conversion therapy as a way to "cure" people of same-sex attractions now says the approach is wrong. The shift comes after new studies by evangelical researchers showed that conversion therapy does not work. It's created a ruckus about whether people can change their sexual orientation.

Options Slim, Older Job Seekers Try Starting Fresh

For the long-term unemployed, training for a new profession can help open the door to job opportunities. But starting over can be particularly difficult for older workers. Deborah Klein, 62 and unemployed since 2008, hopes her new training as a pharmacy technician will help her finally land a job.