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Rep. Pelosi: Ted Kennedy Can 'Rest In Peace'

One of the key architects behind the design and passage of the Affordable Care Act was House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. She speaks to Audie Cornish about Thursday's Supreme Court ruling, which upheld the heart of the law.

Ohio Attorney General: Ruled Against, Not Defeated

Melissa Block speaks with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine about Thursday's Supreme Court's ruling in favor of the Affordable Care Act. Ohio was a plaintiff in the case, seeking to strike down the law. DeWine says while he's disappointed with the outcome, he's happy that the court accepted the plaintiffs' argument that validating the law under the Commerce Clause was a stretch.

Roberts Sheds Aura Of Predictability With Ruling

But court observers caution it is too soon to add the chief justice to the list of those who acted in unexpected ways once they joined the Supreme Court.

Good News: 'Great Progress' Reported In Fighting Colorado Springs Fire

The blaze is still far from contained, but officials feel as if they're making gains. And the weather is cooperating today. Temperatures are cooler and winds are calmer.

What's Next For Healthcare, At Home And On The Hill

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the vast majority of President Obama's healthcare law on Thursday, declaring the controversial individual mandate constitutional. The ruling may have significant implications for consumers and political ramifications for lawmakers, the Obama administration and the presidential election.

Concrete Steps For Creating A Happier Office

Conventional wisdom holds that happier workers are also more productive. But precisely how to boost staff morale has eluded many employers. But some researchers say there are specific ways companies can build a better workplace, from moving coffee stations to increasing diversity.

Legal Scholars React: 'Many People Were Stunned'

The Supreme Court's decision upholding the centerpiece of President Obama's health care legislation was based on a legal rationale that for some experts was very surprising.

Obama's Supreme Court Health Care Victory Hard To Overstate

President Obama's big victory on the law so identified with him that it's called "Obamacare" means he can campaign more boldly on the law as a major achievement. He also won't have to counter claims that he wasted the first years of his presidency.

Health Care Ruling: Business, Legal Implications

The Supreme Court ruling brought some surprises. Within minutes of the court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, health care-related stocks swung up and down. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said it's his mission to oust Obama and defeat the law.