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Employers Added 176,000 Jobs In June, Survey Says

That could mean the nation's jobless rate ticked down in June. The unemployment figure is due for release on Friday.

Romney Says Mandate's A Tax, But Also Sides With Justices Who Say It's Not

The GOP presidential candidate says the 2010 health care overhaul's mandate on Americans to buy health care insurance comes with a tax because that's what the Supreme Court ruled. But he also agrees with justices who use the word "penalty" instead.

Proud Dad Ordered To Take Down Huge Sign

Clayton Mace of Sioux City, Iowa, put up a sign, 24 feet wide, congratulating all seven of his kids for graduating high school. Drivers on a nearby interstate can see it. No doubt local officials support education, but The Sioux City Journal reports they've ordered the sign taken down as a zoning code violation.

VA Hospital Recuits Mental Health Providers

A Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Milwaukee has begun recruiting for additional mental health providers. It's part of a nationwide effort to bring on about 1,600 new psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers to reduce wait times for treatment.

Tweeted Picture Helps Owner Find Lost Dog

Patch, a Jack Russell terrier, boarded a train near Dublin Wednesday. When the train staff discovered him, they posted his picture on Twitter. Within a half hour, his owner saw the photo and tweeted "That's my dog!"

Limited Supply Of Hotel Rooms Forces Prices Higher

The hotel industry is making a comeback after being badly hit by the financial crisis. Linda Wertheimer talks to Barbara DeLollis, who reports on the hotel industry for USA Today, about how hotels are recovering.

Ohio Senator Vulnerable For Health Law Support

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, who's up for re-election this year, was one of 60 senators to vote for the law. His opponent, Josh Mandel, says he'll keep reminding voters of that fact.