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An Abandoned Racehorse Finds Love On The Home Stretch

America loves racehorses in movies and books, and we love to watch them in races like Saturday's Belmont Stakes. Yet we also slaughter them by the thousands, for their meat. It's a business, not a love story. But on a small farm in Maryland, a love story happens anyway.

The Best Way To Scare A Politician

Once rare, recall elections are becoming increasingly common. It's not that politicians are markedly more crooked than in the past. Rather, foes view recalls as a way to fight back against policies they don't like.

Police: Gunman Had Attended Santa Monica College

Police believe the gunman fatally shot his father and brother at a house and then two others at the Santa Monica College campus before police killed him.

Puerto Rican Flags Wave To New York's Parade Goers

In terms of Puerto Rican Day parades, New York City's event still takes the cake with its millions of parade watchers. Despite a steady population drop, the city is still home to the largest Puerto Rican community in the United States — and you'll find it by the flags.

WWII Vets Have All But Vanished From The Halls Of Congress

Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died this week at 89, had been the only remaining World War II veteran in the Senate. Just two are left in the House. Today, fewer than 1 in 5 members of Congress have military service on their resume.

NSA Scandal Looms Over Obama-Xi Talks

The goal of the meeting between President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping is for the leaders of the world's largest economies to find common ground and build trust. But the summit threatens to be overshadowed by revelations about secret NSA surveillance programs.

Fatal Shootings In Santa Monica Leave Several Injured

Audie Cornish talks with NPR's Kirk Siegler about Friday's shootings in Santa Monica, Calif. A gunman killed six people before he was shot and killed.