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A Floating History Of The '18-Wheelers Of Their Day'

The Lois McClure is a replica of a 19th-century canal schooner. Ships like her were cargo carriers back then, but these days she hauls a new load — delivering history to ports throughout the Northeast.

Dad Follows The Moon To Find Military Son's Resting Place

Robert Stokely couldn't sleep while his son was in Iraq with the National Guard. In 2005, Michael Stokely was killed by a roadside bomb. A few years later, Robert headed to Iraq himself, to find the spot where his son had died.

Russia Says No-Fly Zone Over Syria Would Be Illegal

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said that evidence cited by the U.S. for Syria's use of chemical weapons does not meet stringent international standards.

Illinois Pension Crisis: This Is What Rock Bottom Looks Like

Lawmakers will head back to work next week to try to patch the state's $100 billion pension hole. Every day they don't act, the burden on Illinois taxpayers grows larger.

'I'm Not The Only One': Transgender Youth Battle The Odds

National polls show a growing acceptance of gay men and women, but the transgender community often feels left out of the discussion. Young transgender people face discrimination in all aspects of life, and many find themselves on the streets.

The Case For Surveillance: Keeping Up With Terrorist Tactics

Since the leak of National Security Agency program information, U.S. officials have been defending their strategies. But they've been arguing for years that intelligence gathering has to keep up with the new ways America's enemies are planning and communicating.

How Rock 'N' Roll Can Explain The U.S. Economy

In music, as in so many industries, the lion's share of the money now goes to a relative handful of top performers, says White House economic adviser Alan Krueger. He says the music business offers valuable lessons about America's "superstar economy."

'Immigrants Are More Fertile,' Jeb Bush Says In Reform Speech

Calling for reform of America's immigration laws, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said, "Immigrants are more fertile, and they love families, and they have more intact families." His speech stressed immigrants' role in America's economic future.

Report: Former Nazi SS Officer Living In Minnesota

The Associated Press says in an exclusive that 94-year-old Michael Karkoc was a top commander in SS units that massacred civilians in Ukraine and Poland.