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Farmers Cautious Of Drought-Resistant Seeds

This summer's dry weather gave a great real-world test for drought-resistant corn, which seed companies are eager to promote. But many farmers worry that these drought-resistant seeds won't perform as well in regular or wet years.

Court Overturns Conviction Of Bin Laden Driver

It said Salim Ahmed Hamdan's conviction for providing material support for terrorism had to be overturned because his actions — driving the al-Qaida leader around — were not a war crime at the time. The ruling does not directly affect Hamdan, who was released in 2009, but may have a big impact on cases at Guantanamo Bay that have yet to be litigated.

How Obama Got His Groove Back, And Other Debate Takeaways

Other takeaways from Tuesday's debate: President Obama gets tough while his GOP rival, Mitt Romney, gives no ground; voters are unhappy; candidates can't let go of the past; and the debate on foreign policy is truly teed up.


Home Health Aides Often As Old As Their Clients

As America ages, so do the nation's 2.5 million home health aides, leaving the elderly caring for the even more elderly. Clients often request someone closer to their own age, and agencies say older workers are reliable and well-suited to the job.

States Iron Out The Kinks In Long-Term Care Insurance

Oregon is one of several states making it easier for consumers to appeal long-term care insurance denials, and expedite payment of claims.

Kickers Are Taking The Kick Out Of Football

So far this year, NFL field goal kickers have made 88 percent of their attempts. They've even made two-thirds of their tries from more than 50 yards. When kickers are that good it hurts the game, says commentator Frank Deford.

Transcript And Audio: Second Presidential Debate

Transcript and audio of the second debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Federal Investigators Search Pharmacy Linked To Meningitis Outbreak

The probe into how patients who were given steroid shots apparently contracted meningitis now includes criminal investigators. At least 15 deaths have been linked to the outbreak.

In Battleground Nevada, Voters We Met In February Offer Few October Surprises

With eyes on the presidential debate in New York, we decided to turn ours to the swing state of Nevada, where President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney are battling mightily over the state's small but crucial trove of six electoral votes. We caught up with three voters we first met last winter.