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Twitter Was On Fire After Court's Health Decision

Following the Supreme Court decision on health care, there was some partisan and humorous rhetoric. One guy tweeted: As a law student, I am reading this opinion like a 15-year-old girl reads Twilight.

First Death Confirmed From Colorado Springs Wildfire

That grim news comes as firefighters report progress in battling the flames, and as the weather forecast bodes well for making more gains today.

One Dead In Colorado Wildfire

Hundreds of people in Colorado, are coming to grips with a wildfire that tore through Waldo Canyon. Authorities say more than 340 homes were destroyed. Human remains were found in the rubble of a burned-out suburban home, and police say a second person is missing.

After Years Of Uncertainty, A Health-Care Business Gets An Answer

It's 9:45 am on Thursday at the headquarters of Health Plan One, a health insurance agency that sells private policies. The biggest court decision ever regarding health insurance is about to come down.

High Court Health Care Ruling Shifts Action To States

The decision shifts much of the burden of implementing the law to the states, which are responsible for the lion's share of getting people without insurance covered under the health law. States also now have to make a decision about expanding Medicaid coverage to their poorest people.

Results Of Court's Decision Will Be 'Devastating'

For some elected officials in Florida, Thursday's Supreme Court decision came as an unexpected shock. Republican Governor Rick Scott and his administration have done as little as possible to comply with the law. Now they have some tough decisions to make.

Stories, Old Friends, A Good Time 'Til The End

Bishop Ricardo Ramirez's grandmother lived a long and full life. But it was the way Francisca Espitia approached her final years that may have impressed her grandson the most. It started with a story about how she'd been enjoying life at 90.

Business Owners Mixed On Health Care Ruling

The Supreme Court's ruling upholding the federal health care law was met with a variety of reactions from business groups and owners. Some said the decision would help them grow, but others said the ruling would make them more hesitant to hire.

NBA Draft: Hornets Select Davis With No. 1 Pick

The New Orleans Hornets have selected Kentucky forward Anthony Davis with the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft. Davis will begin his pro career in the same city where he ended his collegiate career. He led Kentucky to the NCAA championship.