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Cold War Bunker Network Repurposed For 21st Century Threats

In Charlotte, N.C., a secret bunker rests quietly below a radio station. Built in 1963, it was part of a federal network designed to provide emergency communications in case of a nuclear attack. With a new slew of potential threats to contend with, FEMA has revived the idea.

What's Driving The Violence In Chicago

More than 500 homicides were reported in Chicago in 2012, 16 percent more than in 2011. After the murder of Hadiya Pendleton, the Chicago teen shot a week after attending the inauguration, more attention has been focused on urban violence.

After Horse Meat Scandal, Why Is Some Food Taboo?

The discovery of horse meat in European beef products created an international uproar. James A. Serpell, director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society, explains why some foods that are forbidden in some cultures are considered delicacies in others.

A Chinese Army Outpost That's Tucked Into Modern Shanghai

The Chinese military unit allegedly behind cyberattacks on U.S. firms works out of a nondescript office tower in a Shanghai neighborhood that's modern, but considered a little bland.

Gen. John Allen, Recent Top Commander In Afghanistan, Is Retiring

He had been on track to be the top NATO commander in Europe. But the White House says Allen needs to "address health issues within his family." Allen was recently cleared of wrongdoing related to email messages he exchanged with a Florida woman.

At Least Four Dead, Including Gunman, After Southern California Shootings

Authorities say the deadly shooting spree began at a home, where one woman was found dead. The gunman was then involved in at least three carjackings — killing two more people in the process — before taking his own life.

Obama Again Calls For Balanced Plan For Cuts

President Obama spoke Tuesday about the impacts of deep spending cuts scheduled to take effect March 1. With a group of first responders in uniform standing behind him in the White House, he said if Congress doesn't stop the cuts, responders won't be able to help communities respond to disasters.