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Couple Celebrates Annivesary With Trip To Maine's Capitol

Marcine and Nita Lou Webb marked 65 years of marriage with a trip to Augusta, Maine, completing a mission to visit all 50 state capitols. When they went to the gallery to see a debate, the House speaker recognized them and the legislators gave them a standing ovation.

Stuck On The Tarmac, Passengers Break Into Song

A flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix this week was delayed. Passengers were stuck on the tarmac for hours, without air conditioning or water in 108 degree heat. A YouTube post said some passengers got sick. But to "avoid a mutiny," others joined together in song: R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."

Hands-Free Gadgets Don't Mean Risk-Free Driving

Systems that turn a driver's speech into text are the most distracting. Drivers in a University of Utah test experienced a kind of inattention blindness that mean they sometimes overlooked potential hazards.

Rick Perry's War On The Blue States

Gov. Rick Perry, a red state conservative, is sticking it to blue states by trying to persuade their businesses to move to Texas.

Live Blog: Boston Gangster Whitey Bulger Goes On Trial

Accused of 19 murders and racketeering, Bulger was captured in California two years ago after 16 years on the run. Now he's getting his day in court.

Colorado Fires: Thousands of Homes Evacuated, Prisoners Moved

Thousands of homes and businesses have been emptieded and prisoners have been moved out of a facility near Colorado Springs. Firefighters are battling at least four blazes. So far, there have been no injuries or deaths.

Surveillance Revelations Spark Lackluster Public Discord

In all the noise and shouting over the NSA data gathering, the unspoken assumption is that the public must be outraged. But in fact, much of the public seems indifferent, and the political fallout may be less predictable than it seems.

Experts Doubt NSA Leaker's Claim About Wiretaps

Edward Snowden has said he had the authority to "wiretap anyone." National security experts say that's not plausible. Meanwhile, Snowden remains out of sight. But there are reports that authorities believe he's still in Hong Kong.