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Author Dennis Lehane Reflects On Boston's Tense Week

Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with author Dennis Lehane reflects on how Boston has dealt with a week of violence and uncertainty. Lehane is a Boston native and the author of many books about the city, including Mystic River.

Boston Slowly Returns To Sense Of Normalcy

The tension last week in Boston culminated in a day-long lockdown for most people. Public transit wasn't operating, stores were closed and kids stayed home from school. With the capture of the bombing suspect, Bostonians emerged from their homes and are slowly resuming life as usual. NPR's David Schaper reports.

An Unforgettable Week, For Boston And The Nation

It was a tense week for the city of Boston and the nation, as a normally peaceful event was disrupted by a terrible act of terrorism and the hunt was on to find the perpetrators. NPR's Jeff Brady reviews the week's events, from the bombing at the marathon to the dramatic capture of the suspect.

Thirsty States Take Water Battle To Supreme Court

Texas and Oklahoma are fighting over access to the Red River. Fast-growing Texas is eager to fuel its expansion in a time of drought, while the poorer state of Oklahoma is water-rich. There's an agreement in place to make distribution equitable, but fairness is arguable.

First Residents Allowed To Return To Damaged Homes In West, Texas

In West, Texas, some of the town's citizens whose homes were damaged by Wednesday's massive fertilizer plant explosion are returning to their homes Saturday, after authorities declared parts of the area safe. But a curfew will be in place, and other areas remain off-limits.

Boat's Owner Hailed As A Hero After Bombing Suspect Tsarnaev Is Found

Watertown, Mass., resident David Henneberry's has been hailed as a hero for telling police that bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might be hiding in the boat he keeps in his back yard. Boston State Police have released images showing what the authorities saw from a helicopter as the wounded Tsarnaev hid under a tarp.