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Cracking The Code: Making Vegan Cheese Taste Cheesier

The market for cheese made without animal protein is ripe, given the rise in veganism, milk allergies, and fat and calorie concerns. But scientists explain why it's so hard to make it taste and melt the way Western palates demand.

No One Knows The Upsides Of 5, Like A 5-Year-Old

Tell Me More is celebrating its 5th anniversary on NPR's airwaves. It's been quite an exciting journey. Five is a major milestone and no one knows this better than someone who has just turned five. Host Michel Martin hears from some 5-year-olds on "What's Fun About Being Five."

Five Surviving Exotic Animals To Be Given To Ohio Man's Widow

Ohio officials have decided they will hand over five animals to the widow of a man who last October paralyzed a community by releasing 56 lions, tigers, bears and other exotic animals from his farm.

1 World Trade Center Claims Spot Atop NYC's Skyline

Workers added a steel column this afternoon, making the skyscrapere 21 feet taller than the observation deck at the Empire State Building. That's a symbolic return to the sky for a site destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

A Glimpse Of Daily Life In Afghanistan

Headlines of war and political crises usually occupy the news out of Afghanistan. But beyond all that, ordinary life goes on.

Detroit-Windsor Crossing Needs Second Bridge

Each day a quarter of a billion dollars in goods crosses the aging Ambassador Bridge that links Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. An additional bridge is desperately needed but a long way off from being built.