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London's Opening Ceremony Gets Rave Reviews; NBC, Not So Much

The London Olympics are in full swing, after an opening ceremony Friday that was chock-full of historic and cultural imagery drawn from Britain's past. Critics are gushing over Queen Elizabeth's role in the spectacle — along with James Bond. But there is room for debate — especially among viewers here in the U.S.

Let's Catch Up: American Vollmer Sets Olympic Record; First Medals Are Won

U.S. swimmer Dana Vollmer set new Olympic and U.S. records in her 100m butterfly qualifying heat this morning. And this afternoon, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte will swim in the final of the 400m individual medley.

Romney's Olympic Slip-Up: A Lasting Impression?

Mitt Romney is set to depart from London Saturday, after three days of photo ops and closed meetings. But his assessment of London's handling of the games drew a rebuke from Prime Minister David Cameron. Host Scott Simon chats with Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman about the visit and the perceptions formed by Romney's hosts.

The NRA's Lock On The Gun Control Debate

There have been expressions of sorrow from the nation's political leaders over the shootings in Colorado, but no one's making any attempt at rewriting laws to head off another massacre. The National Rifle Association is widely considered the reason why, but is its hold over Washington real or perceived?

Gang Violence Smolders On Hot Chicago Streets

This has been a summer of blood, sweat and tears in Chicago. The city has been scorched by historic heat, and the homicide rate has soared. Chicago's gangs span generations, but today, they're more disorganized and disparate. Violence seems random, and police are outnumbered.

New Funds Could Shorten Waiting Lists For AIDS Drugs

Some states, like Georgia, have a waiting list for people who need help paying for AIDS drugs. With increased federal funding on its way for HIV/AIDS treatment, states are hoping that they can care for more people. But the cost of care remains high, so the waits may remain, too.

Hot, Dry, Tapped Out: Drought Shrivels Fun, Too

The drought that's hit huge swathes of the country is also draining the audiences for outdoor activities. Fishers, golfers, boaters and gardeners are staying indoors, and that's bad news for the businesses that depend on them.

Longtime Chick-Fil-A Spokesman Dies

Don Perry, 60, joined Chick-fil-A in 1983. His death comes amid a controversy over remarks made about gay marriage by Chick-fil-A's president.