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Hurricane Andrew: Florida's Unwelcome Visitor

This week marks the 20th anniversary of when Hurricane Andrew crashed into South Florida. It remains one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the United States. A radio documentary by Miami member station WLRN has collected recordings of residents during the fateful storm.

'D'Oh!' Simpsons Stamps A Flop For Postal Service

Host Scott Simon reflects on the U.S. Postal Service's stamps of characters from the cartoon.

Teaching Teachers In San Francisco, Calif.

The San Francisco Teacher Residency helps historically underserved students who are able to improve equity and achievement in math, science and bilingual Spanish.

Jury Sides With Apple In Patent Infringment Case

Jurors have sided with Apple in a patent infringement case between it and Samsung. Melissa Block speaks with Wendy Kaufman, who's covering the lawsuit.

Guerrilla Gardening In Provo City, Utah

Several city planners in Provo City have been growing a garden in their spare time. However, the group picked an unusual spot to plant their seeds.

Can Livestrong Survive Armstrong's Fall?

Lance Armstrong's announcement that he would no longer fight doping allegations might seem a crushing blow to his foundation for cancer survivors. But Livestrong's CEO says that "for the organization, it's the right thing."

In Akin's Wake, Ryan Defends Anti-Abortion Record

Since Republican Rep. Todd Akin first said the words "legitimate rape" last weekend, just about everyone in the Republican Party has condemned those comments. That includes vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. But it's also put a spotlight on Ryan's anti-abortion legislation and voting record.

Lance Armstrong: When A Hero Lets Us Down

The Hall of Fallen American Heroes is long and wide. There is a portrait of Bill Clinton. Over there is a sculpture of Tiger Woods. Toppled from that pedestal is Gary Hart. Watch out for the broken busts of John Edwards, Richard Nixon, Pete Rose, Mark McGwire and many, many others. Should the curators now make room for Armstrong?