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Wildfires Hurt Colorado Resort's Business

Renee Montagne talks to Scott Downs, a retired firefighter and owner of Eagle Fire Lodge in Woodland Park, Colo. He's facing a potentially devastating loss of summer business because of the wildfires in the area.

GlaxoSmithKline To Pay $3 Billion To Settle Charges

British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay $3 billion to settle charges that it illegally marketed some of its most popular drugs. U.S. officials say among other things, the company promoted an antidepressant to children that was approved only for adults.

A Code Of Conduct, For Drones?

These unmanned aircraft don't just target Taliban in the mountains of Afghanistan; they're used domestically for everything from law enforcement to crop-dusting. That's kicked up privacy concerns, and the trade group for companies that make and operate drones is trying to ease some of those worries.

The Inside Scoop On 5 Kinds Of Crazy Weather

Sure, everybody's heard of tornadoes and hurricanes. But derechos? Haboobs? Dig in to our glossary of extreme weather.

Obama's 'Clean Coal' Fighting Words To W.Va. Dems

How can an inmate beat out a sitting president in his party's primary? In parts of West Virginia, the answer is easy to explain. Just ask those who say Obama's policies threaten the culture of coal.

Online Classes Cut Costs, But Do They Dilute Brands?

More colleges are using online classes as a way to cut costs and maximize registered students. But the quality and benefits of an online education have come into question, since universities such as Stanford, Harvard and MIT offer their courses online free of charge.

Filling In New Orleans' Future, One Blank At A Time

New Orleans residents are using to post ideas for improving their neighborhoods. Initially a local public street art project, Neighborland tries to democratize city development by creating instant civic feedback. But the digital divide has left the city's computer illiterate out of the conversation.

As Strikes Wane, Caterpillar Workers Hold The Line

About 800 machinists at an Illinois Caterpillar plant are entering their third month on strike. Strikes of large numbers of workers were relatively common in the 1970s, but today, work stoppages of this size — and this length — are rare.

Need A Thrill? Drive A Tank

If riding roller coasters and bumper cars no longer get your pulse racing this summer, Drive A Tank in Kasota, Minn., might be the amusement for you. They let customers drive military tanks through a 20-acre course, and for an extra fee, the chance to roll over and crush a car. All Things Considered host Robert Siegel talks with Drive A Tank owner Tony Borglum.