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Violence Against Women Act Still In Limbo

Besides the congressional budget, lawmakers are also at an impasse when it comes to the Violence Against Women Act. Host Michel Martin talks with the beauty shop ladies about whether the bill should expand protections for gay people, immigrants and Native Americans.

Fiscal Cliff: Why Not Cut Entitlements?

The debate over the congressional budget has both political parties putting previously 'untouchable' policies on the table for negotiation. As part of Tell Me More's 'Why Not?' series, host Michel Martin and NPR correspondents Julie Rovner and John Ydstie take a closer look at entitlement spending, like Social Security and Medicare.

Women Can Be Abusers Too

In her regular 'Can I Just Tell You' essay, host Michel Martin shares her thoughts on the myths and troubling facts about domestic violence.

Census: U.S. Continues To Get Older And More Diverse; Though More Slowly

The nation's population is now projected to become "majority-minority" in 2043, the Census Bureau says. Meanwhile, the average age will continue to rise as Americans live longer, birth rates continue to decline and immigration slows.

As Shots Rang Out In Oregon Mall, Shoppers And Santa Dove For Cover

An estimated 10,000 people were in the Clackamas Town Center mall when a gunman opened fire. Shoppers, store employees and the mall's Santa scattered. When the attack was over, two people and the gunman were dead. Another person was shot and seriously injured.

Magnet Turns Pet Into A Cat Burglar

A Londoner opted for a new way to thwart neighborhood cats from stealing her pet's food. She hung a magnet to Milo's collar that unlocked a fancy cat-door. It turns out Milo had been slipping into neighbors' homes. And the magnet started picking up their spare keys, eventually scattering more than 20 sets of keys around her owner's home.

For Alabama Boy 12-12-12 Is Special

Kiam Moriya was born in 2000 at 12 minutes past noon. So Wednesday afternoon, the young man can say: I turned 12 at 12:12 on 12-12-12. He told Yahoo News he's marking the occasion with donuts arranged in the shape of the number 12.