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In A Crisis, Did You Act Or Did You Freeze?

In her Wall Street Journal column, Sue Shellenbarger examined the research that explains why some people are more likely to intervene in life-threatening situations. She explains the traits and circumstances that tend to create heroes. And if you've ever chosen not to act heroically, tell us why.

Big Three All Posted Double-Digit Gains In Auto Sales Last Month

The auto industry remains one of the economy's brighter spots. Chrysler's sales were up the most — 14 percent.

Secret Service Blunders Make News

A Secret Service agent was on Mitt Romney's campaign plane last week, and left a gun in the bathroom. A TV producer found it and returned it. And agents protecting Vice President Biden reported a truck rented to carry equipment for Biden's Labor Day visit to Detroit was stolen. It's been recovered.

Power's Still Out For Many After Isaac, And They're Boiling

"After six days of camping outside in sweltering temperatures because Hurricane Isaac knocked out power a week ago, there are many angry folks in the city and surrounding parishes."

How Do You Flip A 1-Ton Hamburger Patty?

Besides very carefully, a casino in Minnesota needed a crane. A Guinness World Record official say the humungous burger "actually tasted really good."

Are You Better Off? That's The Question As Democrats Gather

When Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland answered "no," Republicans jumped on the comment. Vice President Biden weighed in, saying the answer's yes because "bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive." Expect much more to be said.


Memorable Moments From Democratic Conventions Of The Past

A look at five memorable Democratic conventions of the past, beginning in 1956 — when presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson threw the decision on naming a running mate to the delegates.